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A short response to the comments on ‘Obamacare is not tax’


At this point in my life and career, I no longer see any point in responding with anger to differing opinions. However, I do think a response is desperately needed in our increasingly polarized country. In an ideal world, the different political parties are held in creative tension, with mutual respect and appreciation, in an environment of open dialogue, for the building up of the whole nation – not just for the ascendance of one party. The human family is not served by individualism, patriarchy, or competition. The world is outgrowing the dualistic constructs of superior/inferior, win/lose, good/bad, and domination/submission. Breaking through in their place are equality, communion, collaboration, synchronicity, expansiveness, abundance, wholeness, and mutuality.

How can we navigate this shift? And, more importantly, how is ANA urging us to navigate it? Through solidarity with the people, especially the sick-poor and marginalized. First of all, that is where nurses and nursing has always stood. This is part of who we are as nurses – from Nightingale to the present. Proximity to vulnerable human beings put us more in touch with the truth of our limited and messy human condition, marked as it is by fragility, incompleteness, and inevitable struggle. People on the margins are less able to, and less invested in, keeping up appearances, so they often have an uncanny ability to call things as they are. Standing with them helps situate us in the truth and helps keep us honest to our task as professionals. I for one am proud to be an ANA member, and proud also that ANA continues to align itself with the people. It is not merely a matter politics, nor of economy. It is a philosophical stance for the people – all of them, not just the ‘middles class’ or the employed or the taxpayer.

However, each person is free to express her/his opinion both within ANA, and on this blog. I hope you know that I treasure your right to your opinion as much as I cherish my own. We who are in positions of leadership are constantly challenged to honor a wide spectrum of opinions. We must learn how to create community from diversity, and to reconcile our differences productively. We have to trust that divergent opinions will force us to greater clarity. Our commitment as professionals and as nurses compels us to do that, as together we seek the common good. And I hope I speak for most, if not all nurses, when I say that we all want the common good!

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  • If the Republicans take the presidency and gain majority in the Senate, the ACA act will be repealed in its entirety…so VBP would also be repealed.

  • What is going to happen to Value Based Purchasing if the ACA is repealed?

  • We also have already started changes to gear up for the upcoming medicare cuts from Obama care. I agree that quality needs to be a priority, but Obama care is going to hurt facilities and patients and I don’t see any affects to insurance companies.

    As for the children that can remain on their parents insurance – beware – you will have to report that cost on your income tax and will be taxed on it.

    Reform needed more work than was put into this and more people to actually read the bill.

  • Medicare cuts are already affecting our practice. See how many Medicaid patients you have to see to keep your head above water. It is a Obama’s dream and healthcare’s nightmare. If we put the responsibility of health and wellness whether primary/secondary/tertiary care in the laps of the noninsured person maybe this country could sustain cost control. People are rewarded to let someone else take care of them instead of them taking care of themselves. Why study for the test if we-all scorethesame

  • We need bipartisan agreement on health care reform in order to keep what is good about the ACA, repair what is faulty, and replace what is missing. The current President and Congress cannot (or will not) do this, so be careful and aware of what candidates on YOUR ballot actually say they will do. We should talk to them, personally. Don’t just believe the media hype! Get informed befory you vote!

  • RN needs to get a grip! This blog doesn’t support anything! All it does is tell anyone who bothers to actually read it where we are, as a nation, in the implementation of the law … The chaos that would be caused by repeal is mind numbing.

  • I am concerned as to how so many who are out of work, will be able to pay for their own insurance. I feel the basic healthcare reform, as it stands, appears to serve the American population across the economical range fairly.
    May I quote from a Book,Powerful Partnering by E.L. Hollenberg, M.D.? Albert Schweitzer, a Compassionate Physician’s Famous quote: “Reverence for Life” “All Life on earth should be respected. Seeking to preserve the physical & ethical ecology.” Applies to All.

  • Your support of socialized medicine is more anti~American sentiment this country doesn’t need. Gov’t controlled medicine has proved to be a failure in every country using it, and you’re a cheerleader for it. You fail to address the $700+ billion nobama yanked from Medicare to support his fiasco, and how difficult getting medical care is going to be if his so-called healthcare plan is implemented. For all patients sakes, we’d better pray it’s repealed.


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