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fda cognitive behavioral therapy

FDA approves mobile app to encourage retention in opioid use disorder recovery programs

On Dec. 10, the FDA approved reSET-O app, a prescription cognitive behavioral therapy designed to encourage those with opioid use disorder to stay in...
cannabidiol reduce seizures

Cannabidiol may reduce seizures in patients with pediatric epilepsy

A systematic review in Epilepsia reports that cannabidiol reduces seizures among children with drug resistant epilepsy. Read more via Wiley Online Library.
cytomegalovirus newborns

FDA approves test for detecting cytomegalovirus in newborns

On Nov. 30, the FDA approved a new test to help detect cytomegalovirus in newborns less than 21 days of age. Read more via U.S....
treatment adults acute myeloid leukemia

FDA approves treatment for adults with relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia

On Nov. 28, the FDA approved Xospata (gilteritinib) tablets for the treatment of adult patients who have relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia (AML)...
biosimilar adults non-hodgkins lymphoma

FDA approves biosimilar for adults with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

On Nov. 28, the FDA approved Truxima (rituximab-abbs) as the first biosimilar to Rituxan (rituximab) for the treatment of adult patients with CD20-positive, B-cell...
increase e-cigarette teens

Significant increase in e-cigarette use among teens

According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, more than 3.6 million middle and high school students are current (past 30 day) e-cigarette users in...
abstinence cannabis improves memory

Abstinence from cannabis improves memory in adolescents, young adults

One month of abstaining from cannabis use improves memory functions important for learning among adolescents and young adults who are regular cannabis users, according...
new test menopause status

FDA approves new test for menopause status

On Oct. 24, the FDA approved the PicoAMH Elisa diagnostic test, which helps determine a patient’s menopausal status. Read more via U.S. Food and Drug...
tumor sensitivity radiation therapy

‘Old’ drug may improve tumor sensitivity to radiation therapy

A drug first identified 150 years ago and used as a smooth-muscle relaxant might make tumors more sensitive to radiation, according to a study...
fda expands approved gardasil

FDA expands approved use of Gardasil

On Oct. 5, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved expansion of the use of Gardasil 9 (Human Papillomavirus (HPV) 9-valent Vaccine, Recombinant)...
drinking affect mortality

How does drinking affect mortality?

Consuming one to two drinks four or more times per week, which is deemed healthy by current guidelines, increases the risk of premature death...
antibody therapy hiv patients

Combination antibody therapy sustains viral suppression in HIV patients

A combination of two anti-HIV antibodies (broadly neutralizing antibodies) is capable of suppressing HIV for a median of 21 weeks, according to a study...
fda approves new birth control ring

FDA approves new birth control ring

On August 10, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Annovera (segesterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol vaginal system), which is a combined hormonal contraceptive...