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SiCKO – A call to action

In 1991, the American Nurses Association published its Nursing Agenda for Health Care Reform, which gained the support of 76 nursing and healthcare organizations....

Work/life balance? Yes, please!

The young nurses now entering our profession have a lot to teach us veterans about the value of balancing work and home life.
hope change good

Tomorrow’s Hope

Twice a year, I meet with the new graduates in my hospital and am encouraged by their expectations and their questions. They expect to...

Stop, look and listen to your patients and their families

Providing family-centered care means listening to, engaging, and collaborating with patients and their families.

Celebrating the art and science of nursing

The day before undergoing lifesaving, high-risk surgery, a young woman sat with her fiancé by her side. The charge nurse, who learned that they...
passion motivator job career

Passion – the ultimate motivator

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a nurse. No one in my family had any occupational connection with healthcare. After starting college en...

Making resolutions, making meaningful changes

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, how’s your resolve holding up? According to researchers, after 1 month, 75% of resolutions are...

Raise your heart disease awareness: your life may depend on it

During American Heart Month, let's heed our own health promotion advice.

Save a life-wash your hands

Did you grow up with your mother insisting you wash your hands? She was right! As nurses, we all know that the simple act...
pay foward gift giving

Gifts that keep on giving

December turns our hearts and minds to the holiday season. We juggle work time and family demands to prepare for holiday celebrations. We reflect...

Retaining our talent

We need to retain our experienced nurses.
welcome issue first introduce ant american nurse today

Introducing the new voice of nurses

Welcome to the premier issue of American Nurse Today—the official journal of the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the new voice for today’s nurses...

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