Beyond the Pandemic

How will the COVID-19 pandemic affect nursing in the future? Beyond the Pandemic, a series from American Nurse Journal, helps answer that issue, exploring possibilities and opportunities. The series will cover topics ranging from staff retention to care delivery systems and more.


Retaining nurses to mitigate shortages

Flexibility, creative policies, and new care models are key to retention. Takeaways: 22% of RNs and 20% of nurse leaders may leave their position within the year as a result of their experiences during COVID-19. ...
Beyond Pandemic Virtual Roundtable

Looking beyond the pandemic: A virtual roundtable

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, but many are starting to ponder its lasting effects on nursing. The editorial team at American Nurse Journal wanted to know what leaders in the field are...

Beyond the Pandemic: Be your own nurse

Relieve stress with a self-care plan. Editor’s note: To read other articles in the Beyond the Pandemic series, click here. Takeaways: Lack of resources and the necessary isolation required to protect each other during the...
Redesigning Healthcare

Redesigning healthcare: Global insights for nurses

A look at best practices.  Editor’s note: This is part of our continuing series designed to tackle issues related to how the profession will move forward as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Access a virtual roundtable...
Bridging the education-to-practice gap

Building experiential interprofessional education

Bridging the education-to-practice gap. Editor’s note: This is an early release of an article that will appear in the November 2021 issue of American Nurse Journal. To read other articles in the Beyond the Pandemic series,...

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