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Meaningful Recognition: Make it happen!

We all want respect. Here's how to go about getting it.

Promoting self-caring and healing in your work environment

Make your work environment more soothing and improve your peace of mind by creating an oasis of calm.

The caring-quilting connection

Even if you're not a quilt connoisseur, you're sure to appreciate the beauty and handiwork of this nurse's quilt. Its creator sees profound parallels between quilting and nursing.

Helping caregivers cope with death

A one-day retreat called Mindfulness, Meditaion, and Coping with Death helps healthcare professionals deal with patients' deaths.

Using power skills for personal wellness

Here's expert advice on how to manage your own self-care.

Reflections on nursing in Vietnam

Mary Jo Rice-Mahoney, RN, MSN, Colonel U.S. Army, Retired, knows what it’s like to practice nursing in a war zone. She began her military...

Cultivating personal courage

Do you see yourself as a victim? Are you hesitant to speak up, even with your well-being at stake? Learn how to be braver and overcome everyday challenges by discovering your true self, widening your perspective, and challenging assumptions.

Memory pegging

Forgetting is frustrating. To make memorizing fun, "peg" each item on your to-do list.

This nurse writes exceptional verse

Nurse Cortney Davis creates deeply moving poems from the pain and pathos that caregivers encounter every day.