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Mindful Listening

Tip 4 of 6 Mindfulness Exercises You Can Try Today This exercise is designed to open your ears to sound in a non-judgmental way, and indeed to train your mind to be less swayed by...

From our readers: How a ‘45-year-old STEMI’ showed me the human side of nursing

I worked as an emergency medical technician-paramedic for almost 8 years in a rural area before I became a registered nurse. Just before I completed nursing school, a new hospital began offering emergency cardiac...

Improving HCAHPS scores the old fashioned way

Hospitals seeking to raise their HCAHPS score should focus on old-fashioned values—courtesy, kindness,respect, discipline, and commitment.
From our readers: Harp song — A journey to remember and embrace the heart of nursing

From our readers: Harp song — A journey to remember and embrace the heart...

“The aim of all spiritual paths, no matter their origin or the rigors of their practice, is to help us live more fully in the lives we are given. In this way, whatever comes...

Faith, community, and health: Partnerships with good neighbors

Our editor-in-chief turns a spotlight on faith and community partnerships.

Let there be peace

A special holiday message from our editor-in-chief.
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Health, safety, & wellness

Nursing is a rewarding profession based on caring, giving, helping, and educating. It involves caring for others, from beautiful newborns to pain-wracked hospice patients. It involves giving of emotion, strength, and energy. It means...

Compassion holds everything together

Despite our physical separation from each other, we’re still all connected and react to what happens to each other. Compassion is the unifying force that holds it all together.

Carefronting: An innovative approach to managing conflict

Nick Chase is an emergency department (ED) charge nurse. He and Michelle Stanley have worked together for the past 3 years. Their relationship has always been what Nick describes as "very rocky." Nick was...

A ROADMAP involves patients and families in the plan of care

This electronic tool keeps patients and families informed on key aspects of care.

Defusing lateral violence and abuse

If you’ve been on the receiving end of this behavior, you need to express your needs and set boundaries assertively.

The ethical will: A loving legacy

An ethical will serves as a vehicle for distilling a lifetime of wisdom and relaying messages of hope and love.

The Higgs boson particle glues it together, but we give it meaning

Discovery of the “God particle” reinforces both the standard model of particle physics and the quantum model.