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The quantum edge: Emotional contagion

Quantum physics suggests that if you hang around happy people, you’ll be happier.

Pooling the power of goodness to create change

Commitment and compassion can do more to transform health care than any competitive business model can.

Caring under pressure

Compassion is an essential ingredient for great nursing. Without compassion, you might as well come up with another word for nurse. Recently, I visited a local emergency department (ED) for management of a small-bowel...
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From our readers…At the Bedside

As my parents were approaching the age of downsizing their earthly possessions, I became the recipient of the generational family crib. It was the wrought iron crib that my father and his 12 siblings...

How to deliver bad news

Healthcare providers often must give bad news to patients and families. Doing this in a direct, concise, compassionate way is a skill that equired practice.
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The little things we do

In December 2001, the graduating class of New York University’s College of Nursing asked me to give a speech during their pinning ceremony. As part of nursing education, the pinning ceremony goes back to...

Making community health care culturally correct

Cultural awareness can lead to better outcomes.

Acts of kindness

Many of us have lasting memories of a few special patients. For me, Joe is one of those patients. The day he was admitted, Joe was one of five patients under my direct care. I...
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Far from home, bringing smiles to children’s faces

During my three decades as a nurse, volunteering on a medical mission has always been on my “to do” list. In 2005, having finished my nursing education and with an empty nest at home,...

Parting gifts

Our time in this life is perhaps the most important gift we enjoy.
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Reflections on the heart of nursing

In 1995, I toured the Florence Nightingale Museum in London. On the walls were letters that chronicled a lifetime of dedication, spent caring for others—letters that were preserved for those who followed. In recent years,...
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And the music plays on…

In the mid-1970s, I was a graduate nurse starting my career at a large, urban hospital. One of my patients, an elderly man named Eddie, had just been diagnosed with a terminal illness. My...
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Silence and Solace

“We think she’s gone,” he said. It was 6:20 p.m. I was walking down the hall on the med-surg unit, and turned to face a middle-aged man with quivering lips, his expression silently begging me...