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Silence and Solace

“We think she’s gone,” he said. It was 6:20 p.m. I was walking down the hall on the med-surg unit, and turned to face a...

The Maslow effect: A humanist legacy for nursing

In the late 1960s, psychologist Abraham Maslow was moved by the kindness of the nurses and nursing students he encountered when hospitalized for heart...

Beyond customer service

Many nurses don't like to hear their patients called "customers" or be told to provide "customer service." This expert explains how to lose the lingo and adapt the principles of customer service to patient care.

Caring for my best friend

Like many of my colleagues, I became a nurse because of my desire to help people. I wanted to relieve suffering, offer comfort, and...

The Babies Doe: Finding middle ground

The author explores ethical questions about caring for a baby with profound birth defects and offers a nursing answer.

Helping homeless pregnant women: A lesson in hope

For some pregnant women, being home for the holidays means staying at a homeless shelter.

Being with Dying

Your most powerful message has nothing to do with words.

Touch of kindness

Helping a little victim of sexual assault brings a profound realization.

Gifts that keep on giving

December turns our hearts and minds to the holiday season. We juggle work time and family demands to prepare for holiday celebrations. We reflect...

Nurses caring and sharing

From the U.S. to Uganda, in sleek American hospitals and makeshift Afghan clinics, nurses give of themselves to transform lives. Compelled by a deep passion to aid people in need, nurses help sustain human dignity and humanity through their caring presence and heart-to-heart sharing.