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Winning the battle of skin tears in an aging population

Overviews a significant challenge that healthcare providers encounter daily.

  • “Skin tears” may sound like a relatively minor event, but in reality, these injuries can have a significant impact on the quality of patients’ lives in the form of pain, infection, and limited mobility.
  • The incidence of skin tears has been reported to be as high as 1.5 million annually, and with an aging population, this number is likely to go higher.
  • In this webinar, experts will explain how nurses can use an evidence-based approach—including following practice guidelines to assess the wound and select the proper dressing—for managing skin tears and minimizing their negative effects.

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Our Speakers

The skin tear challenge

Kimberly LeBlanc, MN, RN, CETN(C) Advanced practice nurse

Kimberly LeBlanc
Advanced practice nurse, KDS Professional Consulting President, International Skin Tear Advisory Panel
An expert in skin tears, Kimberly will briefly set the stage by addressing the seriousness of skin tears and briefly addressing assessment such as classification.

The main focus will be on management, including goals of care, wound cleaning, wound bed preparation, and dressing selection.

Content will include information from the 2016 consensus statement on skin tears published in Advances in Skin & Wound Care.


Shannon Cyphers, RN, BSN, WCC Clinical Account Manager ConvaTec, Inc. Tips and techniques for managing dressings for skin tears

Shannon Cyphers

Clinical Account Manager, ConvaTec, Inc.
Shannon will present wound and skin care product applications to help manage skin tears.