Invitation Only: Healthcare and Technology Summit for Nurse Executives

An Exploratory Roundtable on Healthcare Technology’s Potential to Foster Clinician and Patient Safety and Wellbeing

Even pre-pandemic, HAIs and clinician burnout had already reached crisis levels—leaving nurse leaders to seek any untapped resources which might help.  But are opportunities being missed for healthcare technology to empower clinicians in their patient care?   What technology innovations might boost patient safety and mitigate provider stress?  This interactive roundtable, sponsored and led by healthcare technology innovator HP, will present solutions whose features can help bridge the gap of standard technology offerings and explore, with nurse leader participants, how patient-centric technology innovations can address both patient and clinician needs that often go unmet in many healthcare organizations.

This video roundtable is scheduled for January 28th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. If you would like to participate please register today!