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Editorial: Advantages of a nursing shortage
american nurses association journal

By Lillee Gelinas, MSN, RN, FAAN, Editor-in-Chief

With nursing shortages come opportunities to recognize exceptional work, invest in quality staff, and improve systems.


glucose monitoringInsights into glucose monitoring for diabetes
american nurses association journal

By Katherine Pereira

Glucose monitoring has come a long way. Learn how you can help your patients get the most from this technology.


american nurses association journalamerican nurses association journal february 2017 Improving care and outcomes for patients with bladder conditions

By Jenna M. Norton, Tom Pruski, Kimberly Konkel, Sam Marullo, and Tamara G. Bavendam

Nursing care is critical to ensuring patients get the treatment they need to treat bladder conditions – in both healthcare and community settings.


secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic kidney disease

American Nurse Today Journal Secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic kidney disease

By Vivian Gasu and Fidelindo Lim

Learn how to recognize this condition early so patients receive prompt treatment to relieve pain and discomfort.


american nurse today journal february

Strictly Clinical

24 Rapid Response

Acute cardiac tamponade

By Mary Ann House-Fancher
Rapid deterioration requires a rapid response.

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Helping Dave Lose Weight

By Andrea Bearded and Beth Kelsey
Using the modified 5As framework, Dave’s nurse helps him develop an effective plan to lose weight.

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Drugs and devices today

An update of drug news, including alerts, approvals, and removals.


american nurses association journal february 2017

16 Practice Matters

 American Nurses AssociationA conversation with Rep. Lois Capps

By Pamela F. Cipriano
Former U.S. Representative Lois Capps, a long-time school nurse before seeking office, provides insights on how nurses can get involved in healthcare policy.

American Nurses Association18

In Pursuit of a good night’s rest

By Ruth Francis
human rights medical care legal rightNurses face unique challenges when it comes to sleep. Here are recommendations that just might help.


56 From Where I Stand

Is there a right to medical care?

By Leah Curtin
If we all agree that medical care is a human right, shouldn’t it also be a legal right?

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Take Note
A round-up of clinical and practice news and alerts.


American Nurses Association July Frontline

american nurses association journal february 2017

American Nurses AssociationANA on the Frontline

35 Learn about the top issues facing ANA member nurses, how ANA is working for you, and what ANA is doing to advance nursing. This month features a report on the Membership Assembly.

click: [download the July 2017 ANA Frontline PDF]


American Nurses Association Career Sphere Career Sphere

From the bedside to the boardroom: Are you ready to serve?

By Connie Mullinix, AnnMarie Lee Walton, and Diana Ruiz
You may not realize it, but you probably already have the skills and know-how to serve on a board. Learn how to put that knowledge into action.


american nurses association leading the way

Leading the Way


Promoting professionalism through authority guided intervention

By Marilyn Dubree, April Kapu, Michelle Terrell, James W. Pichert, William O. Cooper, Gerald B. Hickson
When a pattern of unprofessional behavior becomes apparent, it’s time to develop an accountability plan.

Plant Trees

American Nurses Association


Plant a Tree

By April Motley
Barbara Jones Warren, recipient of ANA’s 2016 Hildegard Peplau Award, believes shared decision making is the cornerstone to teaching nurses and caring for patients..

Fpcusing on the quadruple aim of health care|


Focusing on the quadruple aim of health care

By Kenneth Longbrake
Using surveys and information sharing, this inpatient unit strives to meet the fourth aim of healthcare delivery – improving the employee experience.


american association of nurses journal february 2017

52 Mind/Body/Spirit

Faculty role in promoting nursing student health

By Kristy S. Chunta
When you take care of yourself, you model healthy behavior for your students that may benefit them throughout their careers.


american nurses association leading the way

47 Focus on… Trends in Patient Safety

3 ways clinical nurses can mitigate device safety hazards

By Natalie Abts and Patricia R. McCartney
You have a role to play when it comes to device safety during product development, procurement, and hazard analysis.

safety first


50 Leading patient safety efforts (infographic)

Learn more about a valuable resource – “Leading a Culture of Safety: A Blueprint for Success.”



Fall prevention safety bundle: Collaboration leads to fewer falls

By Marty Pond
By developing a fall prevention bundle, this hospital in Syracuse, NY, has reduced annual patient falls by 30%.


2018 Education Guide American Nurse TodayWeb Exclusive!

2017/2018 Education Guide

Continuing your education, whether you’re a newly licensed RN or have years of experience, gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons.

In this year’s education guide, you’ll find advice, resources, and tools to help you choose the eduational path that best meets your specific needs. You’ll learn about accelerated programs that help you complete your education quickly, online options that give you the flexiblility to take care of personal responsibilities, and much more.

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