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Mindful Schizophrenia Care Schizophrenia Medication Options

Schizophrenia Medication Options

Treatment for schizophrenia usually includes a variety of medications to choose from, including antipsychotics, which may come in oral, liquid, or injectable form.12,13 Below, please find information on some of the more common medications for managing schizophrenia symptoms, to discuss these options with adult patients. Considerations to Discuss With Adult Patients Before you explore the different types of schizophrenia medications, discuss the following details with adult patients to find the best treatment options for them:

  • Medical history, including hospitalizations14
  • Expectations about how medication(s) could help14
  • Potential risks and side effects14
  • Clear direction about how to take the medication14
  • Financial considerations15

Long-Acting Injectables (LAIs)

LAI antipsychotic medications are given once or twice a month, or less frequently.15 LAIs:

  • Come in varying doses16
  • Are administered in a prescriber’s office, a hospital, or, in some states, a pharmacy setting17
  • Get absorbed slowly into the body over time17
  • Allow longer periods of time between doses17

Tablets and Capsules

Tablets and capsules are another kind of prescribed medication. Tablets and capsules:

  • Come in varying doses14
  • Can be taken directly by the patient (does not require healthcare-professional administration)14

Dissolvable Tablets

Dissolvable tablets use saliva to dissolve the medication for best absorption.14 Dissolvable tablets:

  • May need to be taken more than once a day14
  • May need to be absorbed before eating or drinking14

Oral Solutions

Oral solutions are liquid-based medications that are swallowed.18 Oral solutions:

  • May need to be taken more than once a day18
  • Require measuring with a dosing spoon, oral syringe, or dropper18

Schizophrenia Medication Action Plan

Download the worksheet above to complete with adult patients, which can help support ongoing conversations regarding medication as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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