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Drugs Today – February 2008

A monthly update of drug news, including alerts, approvals and removals.

Attacking anterior-wall myocardial infarction in time

More than 1 million Americans a year suffer a myocardial infarction (MI). This article tells you how - and how quickly - you need to respond to the most dangerous MI.
nurse pink blue white scrubs scholar grant

Spotlight on three nurse researchers: ANF grants help build expertise to benefit patients and...

Nurse researchers play a vital role in health care throughout this country. Their work can make a huge difference in determining how care can...
fund funding research nursing

Funding the future of nursing

What do ANA members Pamela Mitchell, Elaine Larson, Ann Rogers, and Dorothy Brooten have in common? Early in their careers, each received a research...

Tuberculosis today: Fighting an ancient adversary

The author describes the newest approaches to detecting, treating, and controlling this very old infectious disease.
health healthy nurse condition struggle disclosure

A question of disclosure: RNs often struggle with revealing their health conditions to employers

It’s no secret that Americans are living longer and that deaths from heart disease, stroke, and cancer are on the downswing. It’s also true...

Be a myth-buster: Stop the misconceptions about fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia produces many symptoms but no signs, so some clinicians dismiss it as a wastebasket diagnosis. But the pain is very real, and patients with fibromyalgia need you to understand their pain - and try to relieve it.

Making a stand against malignant melanoma

Summer sizzles on, sun-worshipers soak up the rays. Years later, your ability to detect melanoma in its early stages could spell the difference between a patient's prompt treatment and a grim prognosis.
disable disabled disability nurse

Ready, willing, and disabled

What’s life like for a nurse with a physical disability? Most studies on this topic have focused on nursing students with disabilities. We know...

Persevering against pediatric pulmonary hypertension

Despite recent gains in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, a cure is a long way off. Diagnosis and therapy can be tricky, and prognosis remains poor. Still, there are ways nurses can help slow disease progression and improve quality of life for a child with this condition.

A nurse leader’s guide to managing priorities

When faced with conflicting priorities and work overload, a nurse leader must be proactive.

The aging face of HIV/AIDS

People older than age 50 account for at least 10% of HIV/AIDS cases in this country. Yet myths about older adults' behavior can blind us to the possibility that an older patient has AIDS. We need to learn more about older adults' sexuality and teach them about risky behaviors.

When closeness breeds cruelty: Helping victims of intimate partner violence

We may not realize it, but most nurses have frequent contact with domestic abuse victims. Shame and fear of reprisal keep many victims from reporting the problem. Caregivers' discomfort with the topic or unfamiliarity with its signs and symptoms can lead to missed opportunities to identify and help victims.

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