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Sharps Safety Consensus Statement and Call to Action


March 8, 2012 (Washington, DC) – In the ten years since the passage of the federal
Needlestick Safety and Protection Act, much progress has been made to reduce the
risk of healthcare worker exposure to bloodborne pathogens—yet significant
challenges remain. The International Healthcare Worker Safety Center at the
University of Virginia and the American Nurses Association, along with colleagues
across the spectrum of healthcare, have agreed on a Consensus Statement and Call
to Action to address these issues.

“We view this as a roadmap for future progress in preventing needlesticks, one of
the most serious occupational risks healthcare workers face,” according to Center
director and UVa Professor Janine Jagger, MPH, PhD. The eight-page statement
provides “a snapshot of where we are now and where further work is needed in
order to continue to protect healthcare workers from this risk they face every day in
the line of duty,” Jagger says.




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