Special Report: Best Practices for Workforce Management - A Toolkit for CNOs

Welcome to Best Practices for Workforce Management: A Toolkit for CNOs, a compendium of evidence-based resources. This Toolkit was created especially for chief nursing officers (CNOs) and nursing leaders to support your unique role in workforce management. The Toolkit focuses on today’s most pressing issues, including patient-centered care, optimized workforce, and data-driven financial decisions. As a nurse executive in practice for more than 30 years, I understand your challenges, and we’ve worked to create a Toolkit that meets your needs and is guided by the following key concepts:

    • Prioritizing workforce management for financial success
    • Building the business case
    • Leveraging data

Lillee Gelinas, MSN, RN, CPPS, FAAN

In this special toolkit you will find

Workforce management toolkit
By Lillee Gelinas
Leverage data to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.

It’s time for data-driven, patient-centered workforce management
By Karlene M. Kerfoot and Patricia Baran
Learn how to transform data into effective staffing.

The imperative for an electronic nurse scheduling system
By Kathy Baker, Kelton Rasmussen, and Kevin Shimp
the need and make a positive impact.

CASE STUDY:Stepping into a new world of workforce management
By Catherine Spader
Technology helps Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, California, make the right staffing choices.

6 strategies for successful workforce technology implementation
By Danielle Bowie
Use data-driven workforce management to improve hospital staffing and scheduling.

CASE STUDY: Technology and new staffing model bolster workforce management
By Catherine Spader
Software, front-line decision making, and culture change combine in a win for patients and staff at
Hermann Health System in Texas.

Tips on making the business case
Use these tips to make your case for a data-driven workforce management system to the financial team.

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