Centralize to Optimize: How to Proactively Align Resources and Create a Culture of Team-centric Staffing through Intelligent Workflow Automation

When a health system is facing extreme staffing shortages, fully utilizing staff across all facilities is only one part of maximizing capacity. By providing automation tools for nurse leaders to dynamically manage capacity and throughput, health systems can offset the capacity lost due to understaffing.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How siloed staffing practices result in an unbalanced distribution of staff, ultimately impacting effective provision of patient care.
  • How establishing a centralized and standardized staffing policy enables strategic team staffing and achieves prime resource allocation.
  • How empowering nurse leaders and staffing offices with embedded communication capabilities boosts the collaboration necessary for optimal resource allocation and cuts the hassle of call and text redundancy.
  • How intelligent workflow automation has led to more equitable staffing decisions, increased staffed capacity, and improved patient care at Ascension St. Vincent Hospital.