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  1. Needlestick Safety eBook from American Nurse Today
    Prevention; current sharps injury trends; factors contributing to sharps injuries; proactive steps for protecting self and peers

  2. Preventing needlestick and sharps injuries
    Prevention; identifying safer devices & best practices for preventing sharps injuries

  3. Building programs to reduce sharps injuries from insulin injection
    Prevention; injury data from insulin needles; steps for building/revamping a sharps injury prevention program
  4. A renewed focus on preventing sharps injuries in the operating
    Prevention; ORs as high-risk areas; how injuries occur; building an OR injury prevention program

  5. Sharps injuries: Where we stand today
    Prevention; current injury data related to specific devices and settings and steps for preventing injuries

  6. Preventing injuries from disposable syringes
    Prevention; data related to injuries involving disposable syringes

  7. Safe sharps disposal in the home
    Prevention; discussion of options for safe disposal of needles/sharps used in the home

  8. Moving the Sharps Safety Agenda Forward: Consensus Statement and Call to Action
    Prevention; summary of the state of sharps injury prevention in 2010 (10th anniversary of NSPA) and recommendations from sharps safety experts

  9. To reduce sharps injuries, all of us must create a culture of safety in our workplaces
    Prevention; future-focused steps for creating a culture of safety and reducing sharps injuries

  10. Practical strategies to prevent surgical sharps injuries
    Prevention; discussion of best practices implementation for reducing OR sharps injuries

  11. Choosing wisely: Resources for selecting sharps safety devices
    Prevention; listing of available resources for selecting safer sharps devices and other workplace controls

  12. Reducing sharps injuries in non-hospital settings
    Prevention; identifies strategies for nurses and employers for improving safety among non-hospital workers

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