American Nurse Journal, the official, clinically and career-focused journal of the American Nurses Association (ANA), is a fresh voice of nursing across America. The printed journal reaches more than 200,000 dedicated nurses in a multitude of specialties and practice settings, and the site serves over two million visitors each year.  American Nurse Journal is a peer-reviewed journal indexed in the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL). CINAHL databases are the most widely-used and respected research tools for nurses, students and allied health professionals around the globe.

As the only full-service professional organization representing the nation’s five million Registered Nurses, ANA is the driving force for nurses. ANA is a recognized and respected voice that shapes nursing practice standards and defines the code of ethics for the profession.

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  • Peer-Reviewed Publishing
    Our journals are the official journals of ANA, AANA, and NPWH – that’s a lot of authority and access to critical players. Clinically sound, engaging, and timely, the content that makes it into our journals is reviewed by a distinguished board of editors and healthcare practitioners.
  • Digital Asset Development
    Microsites and digital assets represent effective digital strategies to build brands and drive results. HCM’s hyper-focused resources are developed for partners to promote specific goals and campaigns that provide authority, positioning, and SEO for their product or organization. These optimized sites and digital media drive lead generation by promoting specialized healthcare issues and providing relevant educational content.
  • Native Advertising
    Authority and credibility are built through editorial integration with key messaging and strategic placement. Want to be in the reader-flow? Native advertising lets you embed your messages in content formats that draw attention.
  • Video
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  • Podcasts
    Podcasts let you reach professionals across multiple devices and allow you to entertain while you educate. Or own a topic area that can generate thousands of downloads by healthcare professionals across the globe. Work with our content team to generate informative and entertaining podcasts that are accessible and portable for busy HCPs so they can learn on the go.
  • Webinars
    HCM produces, markets, and archives long-form educational content that provides partners with the opportunity to develop rich, detailed presentations in a round table discussion format. Presented as live broadcasts, these streaming resources offer direct access to thought leaders through real-time Q & A sessions and interactive features. Archived and re-purposed as on-demand content, webinars prove to be very effective for promoting industry expertise, generating leads, and positioning clients as thought leaders.
  • Market Research and Audience Insights
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  • Targeted Advertising
    We know ads, we have reach, we know segments — and our sites were visited by more than 2 million nursing professionals last year. Our flagship print journal, American Nurse Journal, reaches 200,000 nurses each month. Creative ads across all channels play a key role in branding, engagement, and leads.
  • Mobile Marketing
    Geofencing, blue casting, and mobile marketing…some studies have predicted that as many as 97% of nurses will use mobile devices for care-related activities. We can reach them. We can help craft mobile campaigns that offer access to the tools every HCP carries.
  • Education
    Need to teach a group about best practices in technology, wound care, mindfulness…? We got that. We can help build an education program that delivers content via web, print, webinars, and more.