Skin Integrity Video Series

What Nurses Need to Know

Caring for patients includes caring for the largest organ of the body—the skin. Proper patient skin care directly affects mortality and morbidity and is critical for patient health and comfort. From preterm and neonatal infants to elderly patients, every frontline nurse is a skin care nurse. The world-class faculty in these videos and the other resources here will empower you to deliver the highest quality of patient skin care.


Neonatal Skin Considerations, hosted by Jennifer Chirico, BSN, RN, of Johns Hopkins Pediatric Dermatology, briefly recaps the anatomy of neonatal skin, the key characteristics that differentiate it from mature adult skin, the ways in which NICU care exposes immature skin to risks, and the clinical goals of neonatal skin care.
Skin Assessment of the Frail Elderly, with President of the Society of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners, Lakshi M. Aldredge, MSN, ANP-BC, DCNP, is a succinct primer of the clinical changes which skin undergoes in the aging process, the vulnerabilities these changes present, the skin disorders caused by many common conditions of aging, and the damaging factors which can result in both acute and chronic skin breakdown. Given the growing cohort of the elderly in the US, it is imperative that frontline nurses be aware of the specific fragilities of older skin to mitigate the risks in daily care of this vulnerable patient population.
A New Approach to Skin Protection, with John Brewer, a member of the MedtronicTM NellcorTM OxySoftTM pulse oximetry team discussing its first-of-its kind neonatal and adult pulse oximetry sensor.

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