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How to give a pain-free immunization

When Jeannie Collins Beaudin would see video of someone getting a Covid-19 vaccine on the news, it would often make her cringe. It's not that...

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Nurses: The Secret Factor for Better Supply Chains

Nurses are key links in the hospital supply chain, however, hospitals often overlook them when it comes to identifying supply chain improvements. This report, based on findings from a recent survey of 100 nurses, shares the top supply chain changes nurses wish their hospitals would make, and how current supply chain processes impact efficiency, waste and revenue, patient safety, and stress.

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ana innovation awards

ANA Innovation Awards

Why not take a chance? The 2022 Innovation Awards, sponsored by Stryker, is accepting applications...

Getting Nursing Students Involved in ‘Hackathons’

When nursing students are exposed to active learning, innovation events such as hackathons, they begin...
ally in nursing

Inside Nursing: From awareness to… what?

Reflections from an ally in training. Similar to an acute exacerbation of a chronic disease, the...
school nurse

The Relentless School Nurse: This is not sustainable

The early weeks of the new school year have seen an escalation of COVID positive...

It Should’ve Been a Nurse

Imagine that the messaging from the beginning surrounding the pandemic was delivered by a nurse....
tale of two nurses

A Tale of Two Nurses

Nadine got the vaccine in April. She usually wears a mask whenever she is in...

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Frontline nurses and transformational leadership

A key to quality and safety In 2011, the Institute of Medicine called for nurses in all settings and levels of care to be prepared...

Standing desks ease health impact of seated work

Working from home had an unexpected effect on Linda Curtsinger, RN. “At first, I thought it was going to be nice to work at...

Night nurses and exercise

Venous Ulcer Care

Venous ulcer care

Prompt, proper care will help reduce complications and improve quality of life.  Venous ulcers are the most common lower extremity wounds in the United States....
PTG covid-19

Post-traumatic growth and compassion: Tools to navigate the pandemic

Having navigated COVID-19’s shattering of predictable day-to-day operations, resilient nurses are adapting to the seismic shift in pandemic-driven clinical care. Opportunities exist for nursing...
Practice Matters - Gandhi

Gandhi and the practice of nursing

Professional ethics and daily practice. One man, Mohandas Gandhi, led us back into morality as a practical thing. In my opinion, his greatest contribution to...
diabetes care

Success is not final, failure is not fatal…

It takes courage to keep growing and achieve your vision.  The rich and evolving field of nursing provides a variety of ways to positively impact...

Beyond the pandemic: Looking forward

How a global health crisis has changed nursing. It’s hard to believe we’ve been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic for more than 18 months. Nursing...

Education and Career Guide

Education can be the key to professional success. Whether you’re a new or experienced nurse, returning to school to get your BSN or an advanced degree can make the difference between thriving and stagnating in your career. Tap into the articles presented in this year’s education guide for tips and thoughtful advice on nursing education.

The American Nurse Education and Career Guide, provides you with facts, figures, other nurses’ experiences, and tons of other resources to help you in your journey.

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