Chapter 1: The Great Resource Chase

Turnover, vacancy, stress, and burnout – for too many nurses, these results have been all too common in today’s volatile climate. Experts have warned for years of an impending shortfall of nurses, and the industry is starting to feel the effects. Our panel of nurse leaders explains how hospital leaders tasked with nurse recruitment and retention can utilize innovation, creativity, and technology to address their staffing shortages.

Chapter 2: How Hospital IQ Has Helped

The long-feared nursing shortfall is beginning to come to fruition nationwide, as experts project as many as one-third of all nurses may leave their positions in 2022. With widespread effects across the healthcare industry, our panel of nurse leaders discuss their innovative strategies for tracking staffing and fulfilling shortfalls while maintaining productivity and incentivizing teamwork.

Chapter 3: The Technology Bridge to a Better Normal

Bryan Dickerson, senior director for Hospital IQ, demonstrates how Hospital IQ's program help nurse leaders to organize scheduling and swiftly recover after a callout or staffing change. Organizations such as the American Nurses Association point to increased retirements of nurses in the Baby Boomer generation as just one example of the changing nursing environment. Stress, burnout, and the COVID-19 pandemic have created a "perfect storm" of challenges for nurse leaders tasked with staffing, recruitment, and retention. Hospital IQ can help these nurse leaders to evolve into strategic problem solving by using an innovative technological solution.

Staffing in Nursing's New Normal Panelists: Danielle Bowie, DNP, RN, NE-BC Vice President, Nursing Workforce Development, Bon Secours Mercy Health Cincinnati, OH Allison A. Bruckner, DNP, MBA, RN Marketing Director of Nursing, Mercy Medical Center Des Moines, IA Bryan Dickerson Senior Director, Healthcare Workforce Solutions Hospital IQ Moderated by: Julie Cullen Managing Editor, American Nurse Journal

What are your Shift Pain Points?

Staffing is complicated. Learn how Intelligent Automation can help

Part of the problem is that many hospitals still follow inflexible, “old school” staff­ing practices that leave nursing leaders and the staffing office scrambling, resulting in unbalanced workloads. Intelligent automation can help.

Webinar: Rethinking Staff Shortages

How AI-enabled proactive staffing boosts nurse moral and patient access

With the nurse shortage at crisis levels even before the pandemic hit, what are the flaws or shortcomings of conventional approaches to staffing that keep nurse leaders chronically in “firefighter mode”?