American Nurse Today Journal – April, 2017 Vol 12 Number 4

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American Nurse Today Journal April 2017 Vol12 No4


By Lillee Gelinas, Editor-in-Chief

Unprofessional behavior can be disruptive to patient care and team cohesion. Learn how to manage these situations using a practical approach.

american nurses association february journalNurses’ essential role in promoting professionalism
By Marilyn Dubree, April Kapu, Michelle Terrell, James W. Pichert, William O. Cooper, Gerald B. Hickson
Knowing how to recognize and address unprofessional behavior helps create a healthy workplace for clinicians and patients.

american nurses association journal februarymedical management of aortic stenosisUnderstanding medical management of aortic stenosis
By Kelly Haight
When your patient with aortic stenosis isn’t eligible for surgery, medical management and nursing care become the focus for controlling symptoms, optimizing cardiac function, and improving quality of life.

american nurses association leading the way

Leading the Way

16 Financial terms 101
By Joyce E. Johnson
Are you intimidated by the financial side of nursing? Learn terms that will ease that fear so you can commu- nicate more effectively with finance experts.

American Nurses Association19 Karen Bankston: A leader who listens
Apryl Motley
Karen Bankston, associate dean for clinical practice, partnership, and community engagement in the col- lege of nursing at the University of Cincinnati, leads by following the YWCA motto: “She lifts as she climbs.”

Web Exclusive! What Works
The 5As model for smoking cessation
By Kimberly Lynch and Diana Bantz
Not all providers assess for smoking or provide adequate follow-up when they do. Implementing the 5As model into this clinical practice improved patient smoking cessation rates. Available at AmericanNurse

american nurse associationamerican nurses association journal february 2017Managing chronic pain in cancer survivors
By Lauren Carter
Cancer survivors are at high risk for chronic pain. Your thorough assessment is the first step to pinpointing the cause and developing a care plan.

american nurse today journal february

Strictly Clinical
Rapid Response

28 Seizing the moment
By Misti Tuppeny
After a craniotomy to treat an intracerebral hematoma, a patient has a seizure. What steps will the rapid response team take to stop the seizure and keep the patient safe?

american nurses association journal february 2017

American Nurses AssociationANA on the Frontline [download the April, 2017 ANA Frontline PDF]

29 Learn about the top issues facing ANA member nurses, how ANA is working for you, and what ANA is doing to advance nursing. This month’s feature provides a wrap up of a recent ANA conference on quality.

Web Exclusive!
Drugs and devices today
An update of drug news, including alerts, approvals, and removals, at

american nurse today journal february

Focus on … Nurses week

8 Doctoral persistence and balancing competing roles
By Nancy BellucciAmerican Nurses Cruise ShipPursuing a doctorate requires support, a strategic approach to time management, and balance.

39 Nursing my vacation: How being a nurse (almost) ruined my dream vacation
By David Foley
This nurse’s vacation experience may help you relax and enjoy yourself on your next getaway.

american nurses association journal february 2017

Practice MattersAmerican Nurses Association

 Reducing stress to promote clinician well-being
By Pamela F. Cipriano
By combining our efforts with other healthcare organizations, ANA is working to help reduce stress among nurses.

American Nurses Association42 Combatting stress
By Holly Carpenter
American Nurses Happy NursesEverything from self-care to workplace design and em- ployer actions can help alleviate stress.

american association of nurses journal february 2017


Laugh, nurse, laugh!
By Kara Theal
Finding humor in your day can bring you closer to your colleagues and minimize stress.

American Nurses Association Career Sphere

Career Sphere
american nurses career sphere

46 Get creative about nursing
By Sandy Summers and Harry Summers
Make sure nurses are presented positively in the media by creating your own videos, books, artwork, and more.

American Nurses Association Emergency Care

Focus on … Emergency Care

2 Acute pain management in the trauma patient on chronic opiate therapy
By Jennifer Yeager and Kelly D. Rosenberger
A multimodal approach may be the best method for managing acute pain in your patient who’s receiving treatment for opioid addiction.

From Where I Stand
56 Informed consent for foreign-educated health professionals
By Leah Curtin
Legally and ethically, all health professionals should have access to the resources they need to ensure they understand the contracts they sign.

Web Exclusive!
Take Note!
A round-up of clinical and practice news and alerts at

Web Exclusive! What Works
Health promotion and disease prevention in rural communities
By Diana Niland and Tricia Barbarito
Learn how a critical access hospital in rural West Virginia developed a program to help members of the community reduce its risk of diabetes. Available at

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