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‘Uniformity’ in nursing: It’s about time…again.

Read Donna Cardillo's June blog here.
Nursing Career Facts

“My research article was accepted for publication!”

Beth, a former hospital nursing director-turned-faculty member, learns she has to present her research at a national conference and write it up for publication...

10 best and worst nursing bosses

Check out these five worst and five best leadership styles, and then take the quiz and find out which one you are.Read more...
10 steps planning successful conference ant

10 steps to planning a successful conference

Use this guide to plan large and small events. Takeaways: Because no universal guide exists for coordinating a professional meeting, these 10 steps may...

10 tips for handling job interviews by phone

More employers are using phone interviews to screen job candidates. Discover how to make the most of this technique.

12 tips for a successful nursing conference experience

Attending a major nursing conference can provide professional growth opportunities. Follow these 12 tips to have a successful conference experience.
6 tips clinical nurse educators

6 tips for new clinical nurse educators

Don’t be overwhelmed by your new role—make a plan for success. Takeaways: Transitioning into a clinical educator role is both rewarding and challenging. Prepare for...
effective nurse patient assignments

8 steps for making effective nurse-patient assignments

Successful assignments require attention to the needs of both nurses and patients. Takeaways:  Making nurse-patient assignments is challenging but rewarding.  Nurse-patient assignments are created based...

A 5-step plan for expanding your network with Facebook

Even if you are one of the millions of people who use Facebook to connect to others, you may not realize how friending colleagues...

A little humor please

Laughter is a way of dealing with life’s stressors. Learning how to use humor to enrich our personal and professional lives can benefit us...

A special week for perioperative nurses

Learn about Perioperative Nurse Week and perioperative nurisng.

A user’s guide to cell-phone etiquette

Be a smart, savvy cell-phone user.

Ace that interview!

Tips on making the right impression.

Amazing apps: Space-age tools for clinicians

Health apps hold the promise of greater access to medical services, better monitoring of chronic conditions, and improved patient outcomes.

Are 12-hour shifts safe?

Is working 12 consecutive hours in a fast-paced, high stress, physically and mentally demanding environment a good idea? Click here to read this exciting...
assisted living setting quality care

Assisted living: A unique setting for quality care

This growing field provides opportunities for nurses. Takeaways: Nurses provide clinical leadership in assisted living. The assisted living healthcare setting offers many nursing rewards...

Avoiding copyright violations in educational presentations

What you don’t know about copyright can get you into legal jeopardy.

Avoiding preceptor burnout

Lack of preparation and training, added responsibilities, and poor compensation can cause burnout in nurse preceptors.

Be a coach for novice nurses

The transition from the educational setting to the practice setting can be intimidating. Make it easier by guiding novice nurses.
Become a successful preceptor

Become a successful preceptor

Novice nurses anxiously enter the workplace on their first day, nervously approaching the unit desk to ask for their preceptor, who will play a...

Becoming a wound and ostomy nurse

People sometimes ask how I can tolerate my work, but I love being a wound and ostomy nurse. I’ll admit that, when performing an assessment,...
business dine dining etiquette

Blunder-free business meals: A guide to dining etiquette

When you think of essential business skills, knowing where to put your napkin when excusing yourself from the table may not come to mind....

Boost your career with community outreach involvement

Does patient teaching energize you? Could you see yourself leading a hula hoop contest to motivate children to exercise? Do you enjoy working with patients and professionals who...
elder nurse old age

Can a nurse be too old to work at the bedside?

Read guest blogger Donna Cardillo’s thought-provoking article about when age comes into play during a nurse’s career. A recent New York Times article begged the...
clinical nurse leader guardian care role

Clarifying the clinical nurse leader role: guardian of care

The role of clinical nurse leader (CNL) has received a mixed reception within nursing, primarily because of a lack of understanding as to how...

Clinical nurse leaders and clinical nurse specialists: harmonious partners

Collaboration between these two valuable resources depends on understanding how their roles differ.
nursing dream job

Close encounters at the bedside: Partnering among clinical nurses, students, and faculty

“Oh, no, I have a student today!” “You don’t want a student? I’ll take her!” “You want my student? Don’t you just cringe when the students...

Coaching patients to better health

“How do I know when I’m supposed to get screening tests?” “What do these labs mean and why did my nurse practitioner change my...

Committee work: A nurse’s secret to survival during “go live”

When it comes to computerized documentation, change is inevitable. Even if your organization has converted to electronic health records (EHRs), you’ll still have frequent...
wound ostomy continence nurse

Consider a career as a wound, ostomy, and continence nurse

In 2008, hospitals, extended-care facilities, and home-health agencies will face these regulatory and patient-care issues: • high expenses for supplies • unsatisfied patients • facility-acquired pressure ulcers •...

Consider a career in clinical research

Nurses are taking on a range of unique and challenging roles in the clinical research field.
constructive feedback difficult conversation ant

Constructive feedback: How to have the difficult conversation

Prepare for a timely, goal-oriented, forward-thinking discussion. Takeaways: Having crucial conversations regarding suggestions for improvement serves as an important method for supporting professional growth...

Control your email before it controls you

Follow these tips to manage your email so it doesn’t dominate your day.

Coping with unexpected job loss

Some sound advice on reacting to job loss - and moving on
north south carolina carolinas outer banks raleigh durham triangle charolette charleston

Could anything be finer than to work in Carolina?

Seashores, mountains, rolling countryside, booming cities, major historic sites—the Carolinas offer something for everyone. North Carolina is one of the five fastest-growing states in...

Courage in everyday nursing practice

Courage is an important attribute in life and in your nursing practice. As Helen Keller said, “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist...

Craft a positive nursing digital identity with an ePortfolio

Take advantage of your digital footprint to demonstrate your skills and experience. By Jaime Hannans, PhD, RN, CNE, and Yosemite Olivo, RN Takeaways: Digital identity is...

Create a great work culture

For a successful leader, establishing the right environment isn't part of the job. It is the job.

Create better communications

Communicating assertively is a learned skill. Use the "look, think, and act" model to evaluate and improve your communication skills.
creating developing professional cv ant

Creating and developing a professional CV

Your CV should highlight the leadership skills you display every day. Takeaways: The CV is vital to showcase your professional career as a nurse and...
dealing with disappointment overcome manage

Deal with professional disappointment like a pro

Few nurses escape the sting of professional disappointment over the course of their careers. Despite your best efforts, you can’t always triumph. But you...

Distance education offers a wealth of formats and options

An increasing number of students are choosing distance education, over traditional courses.

Do you need a business card?

The author's answers to five questions will tell you why you need a card and how to use it effectively.
business card questions

Do you need a business card?

If you've been wondering whether you should have a business card, or if you've decided to get a business card but you're not sure...

Does higher education lure nurses away from the bedside?

Click here to read "Does higher education lure nurses away from the bedside?" from our guest blogger, Donna Cardillo, MA, RN.

E-mail etiquette

17 tips on how to - and how not to - use e-mail for professional communication.
education continuing school program

Easing your way back to school

Place a checkmark on the line next to each statement that applies to you: You’ve seen how quickly your nursing knowledge becomes outdated. You’d...

Emergency nursing: A specialty unlike any other

The president of the Emergency Nurses Association tells why she’s proud to be an emergency nurse.
emotional intelligence managing emotions understanding

Emotional intelligence: Why walking the talk transforms nursing care

Since the first emotional intelligence (EI) research in the late 1990s, EI has rocked the business world and challenged leaders and employees from dozens...

Energize your career with the forces of magnetism

Is a Magnet facility for you? Explore the benefits.

Evidence-based interview strategy for new nurses

For many nurses, job interviews induce fear. The competitive job market has made interview preparation more important than ever, especially for new graduate nurses. Competition for new...

Expand your nursing career horizons

Read about new specialist and advanced practice roles and new areas about nursing responsibility.
expanding career horizon pdf download

Expanding your nursing career horizons sidebar

Please click on download now to access this additional content in PDF format.
Child care

Exploring childcare health consultant as a career option

The child care health consultant (CCHC) is a specialized role with the primary goal of promoting the safest and healthiest environment for the staff...

Exploring massage therapy as a career option

A nurse-turned-massage therapist found that hands-on interaction with massage clients reconnected her to one of the most fulfilling aspects of nursing - contact through caring, noninvasive touch.

Fighting the war on dogma

Want do away with outdated dogma in your workplace? Learn how to present an effective case for changing the current thinking.

Find the best route to your career destination

To move your career up a notch, should you go back to school or pursue nonacademic options? The authors’ advice can help you decide on the best professional development route.
flight nurse helicopter airplane military transport career

Flying high to save lives

Flight nursing offers rewards that few other nursing jobs can match. Across the globe, patients are transported from accident scenes or between healthcare facilities...
forensic nursing overview of a growing profession

Forensic nursing: Overview of a growing profession

Combine your nursing skills with forensic science to help victims of violence and trauma Takeaways: Forensic nursing is a specialized nursing field focused on providing...

Four steps to preparing irresistible presentations

The secrets of successful presentations: reflecting on your practice, making the most of your individual presenting style, organizing your thoughts, and finding the right mentor.
Frequently asked legal questions nurse

Frequently asked legal questions

Editor’s note: The following questions are excerpts from the book Frequently Asked Legal Questions Keeping Nurses Awake at Night, by the author, copyright 2015....
expert rn novice clinical instructor

From expert RN to novice clinical instructor: Tips for success

Organize, communicate, and document for a successful clinical nursing instructor experience. Takeaways: The transition from expert clinician to novice clinical instructor requires a shift...

From our readers: Novice to expert—a nurse educator’s personal journey

Like new nurses, faculty move through various steps to become “experts.” Here is one teacher’s experience.

From our readers: Pack your bags: Preparing for a global health nursing experience

A nurse with overseas volunteer experience gives advice to those who want to follow in his footsteps.
wound care lesion ostomy continence nurse

From our readers…Beauty in the eye of the beholder: The life of a wound,...

I think it’s in the eyes. That’s where the connection begins. A view into the real person, not defined by his or her disease...
pride promote recognize individual development excellence program

From our readers…Developing professional PRIDE

Creating a professional development program at our hospital began with the house-wide partnership (practice) council chartering a task force of front-line staff to design...

From our readers…Mentoring the community: Sharing secrets with rival hospitals

If you are involved in a project or program that is truly awesome, why not share it with other nursing units or even neighboring...
professional development teamwork team group

From our readers…Moving beyond professional friendships: Creating a professional development group

A revision of the Florida Nurses Association’s (FNA) organizational plan provided an incentive for members of a local FNA district to reconsider the personal...

From our readers…Strategies for Implementing an Effective Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Program (SANE)

SANE nurses help ensure victims of sexual assault receive the compassionate care they need and collect evidence that can be used in court.
self knowledge look think act affirmation

From our readers…The value of self-knowledge

Have you thought about what would bring joy into your life? Do you wake up excited to start the day ahead? Knowing yourself is...
networking network nurse goal

From the bedside to the boardroom: Are you ready to serve?

Use the skills you have—and learn new ones—to advance health care and your career. Key Takeways Nurses are uniquely qualified to serve on boards and...

Get creative about nursing

Key takeaways The media—television, radio, the Internet, books, and more—often depict nurses unprofessionally. When nurses create the media, they can ensure professional depictions that...

Get Smart: Increase your emotional intelligence

You have the power to be happy and successful.

Going with the flow of infusion nursing

Thanks partly to the new Medicare and Medicaid hospital reimbursement rules and the trend toward home health care, infusion nurses are in greater demand...

Grace under fire: Surviving and thriving in nursing by cultivating resilience

Resilience can be an asset to you in your career.

Helping new nurses set priorities

After several weeks of classes and partnered orientation to patient care, novice nurses in our large acute-care health system have learned a great deal. Still, most admit their priority-setting skills could be better.
Holistic nursing

Holistic nursing: Focusing on the whole person

How well do you know holistic nursing? Expand your knowledge with this article.
informatics nursing nurse info tech science computer nursing

How about a career in nursing informatics?

Do you have an aptitude for information technology (IT)? Would you like to help transform health care and bridge the gap between IT and...

How DNP and PhD nurses can collaborate to maximize patient care

Working hand in glove, these doctorally prepared nurses can improve care of patients and their families.
outfit nurse clothes attire work

How do you look?

Recently, I rushed to the emergency department (ED) at my local hospital to meet a relative who’d been taken there by ambulance. When I...

How to avoid the pitfalls of social media

You may face serious consequences if you use social media and other new technologies inappropriately.

How to create an effective poster presentation

Start early, plan carefully, and strive for clarity and simplicity. These are the keys to creating a poster presentation that wows conference attendees.

How to develop mentoring skills in nurse practitioner preceptors

Simulation can help build confidence and improve communication skills. Takeaways: Mentoring provides an extension to the preceptor role by focusing on the human connection and...

How to disagree with the head nurse and keep your job

You can disagree with your boss, but learn to do so wisely. Read more…
job new fast goodwill prepared

How to fit in fast at your new job

If you’re looking for a new position in nursing, you have lots of company. According to a CareerBuilder.com survey, 32% of nurses plan to...

How to get your article published

Many of us have a secret desire to see our ideas in print—to be viewed as a thought leader or a recognized subject matter...

How to keep your communications professional

Whether you communicate in person, on the phone, or via voice mail, e-mail, or text message, be sure to use proper etiquette.
quit leave job resign

How to leave a job gracefully

I was diligent. I completed my tasks on time. And I took on extra assignments and shifts. My boss was so impressed that he...

How to put on a successful CE conference

Discover the secrets to planning and implementing a successful continuing- education conference.

How to succeed as a home care nurse

Sarah, age 4, is on a mechanical ventilator after surviving a near-drowning episode. Her parents, still grieving over her accident, also have a new...
bully survive target blame confront support power

How to survive a bully

Have you run into a bully at work? Unfortunately, chances are good that you have. Bullying has become all too common in nursing. In my...

How to write a book: Get started, keep going, and get published

Writing a book is within your reach; here’s how to do it.

Improve your career with the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle

Using this method can help your goal become a reality and allow you to achieve your potential.

Is nursing a profession or a job?

Click here to read Is nursing a profession or a job? from our guest blogger, Donna Cardillo, MA, RN.

Is utilization review the career for you?

Rising medical costs  and healthcare reform have increased the need for careful review and management of medical resources. The unique and vital role of the utilization review...

Jump-start your job search

Out of work? Don't let a challenging economy and difficult job market get you down. The author's tips can job search into high gear.
job career love dislike learn

Learning to love your job

The alarm clock goes off too early, and you jump-start the day with a cup of coffee and a short stack of reasons why...
legal nurse consultant law healthcare

Legal nurse consultant: A career at the crossroads of health care and the law

The jurors file into the courtroom, avoiding eye contact with the attorneys and spectators. I hold my breath. The plaintiff’s attorney straightens his tie;...
travel international business world

Let international travel transform you

If you want to accelerate your professional development, learn about nurses and patients in other cultures, broaden your world view, and be transformed by...

Magnet journey creates parallel paths

Discover how the road to nursing excellence can also improve other departments.

Make a difference as a rehabilitation nurse

From September 21 to 27, we celebrate National Rehabilitation Awareness Week by promoting the value of rehabilitation, highlighting the opportunities for the nearly 50...

Making professional connections

Improving your networking skills can help you climb the career ladder.

Making sense of the confusing alphabet soup of credentials

Imagine this scenario: A state senator, after reviewing a letter from a constituent supporting her bill to remove practice barriers for nurses, asks the...

Mastering the art of meetings

Meetings can be productive and positive—or disjointed and ineffective. The author gives tips on leading meetings skillfully.

Mentoring 101: What you need to know about nurturing new nurses

“I will be your mentor.” I was fortunate to hear these five words early in my career. As nursing becomes more complex, patients more...
nurse manager command

Move up to the role of nurse manager

NURSE MANAGERS at all levels work together to address emerging trends, adopt innovative ideas, and work toward the shared goals of quality, efficiency, and...
educating nurse staff patients

Moving ahead with your nursing education

Take advantage of the resources available to you. By Deborah E. Trautman, PhD, RN, FAAN Whether you’re a newly licensed nurse or a seasoned professional, the...

Moving up millennials to leadership roles

Christina, a 29-year-old RN, BSN, recently obtained her MSN in clinical management. She has worked 3 years as a staff nurse and wants to...

Neonatal nurses: Providing care at the beginning of life

About 400,000 low-birth-weight infants are born in this country every year. Their survival rates have been improving steadily, thanks to great strides in neonatal...
nephrology kidney specialty

Nephrology nurses: Passionate about their specialty

“What I find most exciting and interesting about the specialty is that we are truly dealing with every organ system,” says Anne Harty, MS,...
networking network nurse goal

Networking for nurses

Sherry stands nervously in the doorway, watching several dozen people chat each other up. The sound of her heartbeat threatens to drown out the...

Never fear—the critical-care resource nurse is here

Creating a critical-care resource nurse role has helped one hospital ensure that critically ill patients get the same level of care no matter where they’re admitted.

New online resource: Genetic/Genomic Competency Center

The Genetic/Genomic Competency Center (G2C2, http://www.g-2-c-2.org/) is a new free online resource created to help educators teach the next generation of nurses and physician assistants about genetics and genomics.
web ex mock code

No simulation lab? No problem

Learn how to bring the patient-simulator experience to nursing units to prepare for emergencies. Takeaways: Bring the patient simulator experience to your unit to practice...
anesthetists anesthesia career

Nurse anesthetists: Demand is up and the secret is out

Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) were once called the “best kept secret in health care,” but not today. With the U.S. population aging and more...
nurse mentorships two way street

Nurse mentorships: A two-way street

Mentoring is successful only when both the mentor and mentee contribute. Takeaways: Formal or informal mentorship can promote the longevity of mentees. Mentorship can create...
research nurse career job

Nurse Researcher: A career, not just a job

For me, nursing has never been a "punch-the-time-clock" job; it’s a profession. Early on, I decided to always keep my career interesting. There are...

Nursing culture: Time for a paradigm shift

Donna Cardillo, RN, MA, writes a thought-provoking article on the culture of nursing.

Nursing the dead: Medicolegal death scene investigation

The dead do tell tales.

Nursing’s future: The door has opened but are we prepared to enter?

Read guest blogger Donna Cardillo's take on the future of nursing. Read more...

Occupational and environmental health nurses: Protecting workers from harm

Occupational and environmental health nurses (OHNs) promote health and wellness, prevent illness and injury, and protect workers from work-related and environmental hazards. OHNs are...

Original research at a small rural hospital—you can do it!

Nurses want to provide evidence-based care that reflects best practices. But they also have uniquely local clinical questions that can’t be readily answered through...

Parish nursing: Reclaiming the spiritual dimensions of care

Faith-based nursing provides autonomy, creativity, flexibility, and the chance to provide whole-person care.

Parish nursing: Reclaiming the spiritual dimensions of care

Faith-based nursing provides autonomy, creativity, flexibility, and the chance to provide whole-person care.
Nursing Insights

Partnering with subject-matter experts

Key takeways Choose the right subject matter expert to deliver an outstanding presentation. Collaborate with subject matter experts throughout the design and development process. ...

Perioperative nurses: Keeping surgical patients safe

Perioperative nurses work on the front line caring for patients undergoing operative and other invasive procedures. They collaborate with patients, families, and members of...

Plan a career, not just a job

Through focused soul-searching, you can create a more fulfilling and enriching career. The author tells how to brainstorm to find the nursing career that really floats your boat.
career love job

Plan a career, not just a job

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,”...
presentation commitment call action ant

Presentations: From commitment to call to action

Making a connection between your opening and closing engages the audience and enhances learning. By Tresa Kaur, PhD, RN-BC, CNE, CHSE, CTN-A Takeaways: Presentations are most...
Presenting yourself professionally as a nurse

Presenting yourself professionally

What do your first 12 words, your first 12 steps, and your top and bottom 12" say about you? Find out how the “rule of 12” can help you make a good first impression.

Professional competencies can ease your transition to a new specialty

THE NURSING PROFESSION offers many specialty roles, including both direct patient-care roles (such as emergency, neonatal, and school nurse) and indirect roles (such as nurse manager, case...
etiquette professional judging business impression

Professional etiquette: The protocols you didn’t learn in nursing school

If you’re aiming for advancement and career success, you need more than clinical expertise, more than management savvy, more than leadership skills. You need...
professional networking social media network

Professional social networking for nurses

WHEN MY GRANDPARENTS were children, they communicated in person or by letter. In my parents’ generation, the telephone became popular. Today, much of our communication takes...

Promoting professionalism by sharing a cup of coffee

This is the second in a series of articles on promoting professionalism. You can read the first article Nurses’ essential role in supporting professionalism. Consider...

Promoting professionalism through awareness

This is the third in a series of articles on promoting professionalism. Consider this scenario: Over the past 28 months, clinical colleagues have reported...

Psychiatric nurses are in demand

Built on therapeutic communication and relationship development, psychiatric nursing is the basis of all nursing. A core healthcare profession, psychiatric nursing provides primary mental-health...

Pump up your PowerPoint® presentations

Effective use of visual aids promotes audience engagement.

Q&A with David Westman, Executive Director of the Emergency Nurses Association

What is the Emergency Nurses Association? The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), an ANA organizational affiliate, is devoted to safe practice and safe care in emergency...
awhonn womens health obstetric neonatal nurse

Q&A with the Executive Director of AWHONN

In May, we celebrate Nurses’ Week, Women’s Health Week, and Mother’s Day. In the spirit of these celebrations, we asked Joseph C. Isaacs, CAE,...

Quick-reference I.V. tools reduce stress in ICU nurses

Condensed I.V. reference sheets, cards, and charts save time, improve accuracy, and make I.V. drug administration less stressful in one surgical/trauma ICU.
patient, american nurse, nursing journal

Ready, set, go! How to return to the nursing workforce

Are you an RN who has been out of the workforce? Your talents, experience and expertise are needed in all healthcare settings. While technology...
retail clinic

Retail-based clinics: New option for nurses

Someone who feels ill has two options: He can call his physician’s office and make an appointment—maybe for the same day, maybe not. Then,...
nurse manager retain benefits

Retaining nurse managers

The nurse manager role is pivotal in staff nurse satisfaction and retention, quality of patient care, and achieving organizational goals, which is why the...

Retirement countdown: Are Baby Boomer Nurses prepared for what lies ahead?

Baby Boomers (born from 1946 – 1964), eager to step away from the pressures and responsibilities of the workplace and embark on the next...

Ride to the top with a good elevator speech

Make sure to have a brief speech prepared for that chance encounter with someone you’ve been hoping to meet.

Selecting and preparing professional references

When applying for a nursing job at a hospital, Gina Lawson, RN, provides the name of a former nursing school professor—we’ll call her Lynn...
serve profession bon structure ant

Serving the profession

Help protect the health, welfare, and safety of the public. Takeaways: Serving on your board of nursing is challenging and rewarding. Success requires learning and...
oncology cancer nurse certified

Seven reasons why oncology nurses should get certified

For oncology nurses, specialty certification has become the gold standard. The Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation awards the following certifications: Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN), Certified...

Snakes at the nursing station

It's not easy, but confrontation is your best response to a backstabbing coworker who specializes in sabotage or an overbearing bully with an itch for intimidation.

So you want to be an emergency nurse?

How to get going in this exciting specialty.
social media nursing license risk ant

Social media missteps could put your nursing license at risk

Learn the rules and what to do if you make a mistake. Takeaways: For nurses, social media use has daily applications in their personal and...
staff educator learning patient improve

Staff development educators: Helping to improve patient outcomes

Nurses have long focused on providing high-quality, evidence-based care to help achieve better patient outcomes—and staff development educators are crucial to this endeavor. We...
peer review

Stepping up professional practice: Implementing nursing peer review

In a healthcare climate that insists on transparency and high-quality nursing care, the timing is right for nurses to take ownership of their profession...

STOP: A strategy for dealing with difficult conversations

Monica is late for work again. June has body odor. Brian doesn’t comply with the hospital’s cell-phone policy. As a nurse manager, you know you...

Stranger in a strange land

These nurse educators describe the transformative learning that occurred when they taught in another country.
primary care

Succeeding as a primary care nurse

Isabelle didn’t say much, but you could easily see the kindness in her eyes. With her husband Jacob by her side, she let me...

Surviving the world of academia

Some basic strategies will help you thrive in academia.
SWAT nursing specialty

SWAT nursing: A unique specialty

What does SWAT stand for? So Where Are They? Smart, Witty, and Talented? Smiling, Willing, Able, Technical? At the University of Michigan Health System (UMHS),...

Ten tips for a successful professional nursing conference

Attending a professional conference can yield many benefits if you follow these 10 tips. 1. Obtain new knowledge. Conferences provide opportunities for nurses to gain...

The elevator pitch: A 60-second advocacy tool for nurses

Be prepared when opportunity presents itself. Takeaways: Nurses have a duty to advocate for change and solutions that will benefit individual patients, groups, communities, and...
enhance nurse licensure compact ant

The enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact

These changes may affect your practice. Takeaways: Enhanced NLC will replace original NLC eNLC implementation date is January 19, 2018. Nurses and employers should stay...

The evolving role of the forensic nurse

Even if they’re not portrayed on the TV shows "CSI" or "Law & Order: SVU," forensic nurses are pivotal in real-life forensic cases. Catch up on the dynamic, evolving specialty of forensic nursing.
mentor mentoring mentee merits

The many merits of mentoring

Have you ever felt unsure about your next career step or just needed advice from a more seasoned professional? Natalie Murphy, co-author of this...
mentor protege relationship career job

The many merits of mentoring

Have you ever felt unsure about your next career step or just needed advice from a more seasoned professional? Natalie Murphy, co-author of this...

The Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual

With the incredibly changing and challenging environment of health care, today’s nurse leaders are required more than ever to consistently think about developing others and sustaining a committed and engaged workforce.
overcome obstacle solution

The perfect pitch

How many times have you been frustrated by some inefficient aspect of your job? Or wondered why no one has created a shortcut through...
speaking speak public fear phobia glossophobia

The power of one voice

Dizziness, profuse sweating, a gnawing sensation in the pit of your stomach. Are these symptoms of the latest virus? No—they’re classic indications of glossophobia,...
The rewarding role of clinical documentation specialist

The rewarding role of clinical documentation specialist

Many organizations now have clinical documentation improvement programs (CDIs) designed to help an organization accurately reflect the quality of patient care, illustrate healthcare services,...
Holistic nursing

The U.S. Nursing Workforce: Trends in Supply and Education – results in brief

Read a special report about current trends in nurse supply.

The wide world of travel nursing: Islands, cruise ships, and foreign countries

In my earlier article on travel nursing (“Travel nursing, anyone?”, November 2014), I described some of the traits and qualifications travel nurses should possess....

Three easy steps to finding a nursing scholarship…PLUS five great scholarships to get you...

Going back to school is hard enough - then you have to pay for it. Here are three easy steps to finding the perfect...

Tips for floaters

Although few nurses look forward to it, floating gives you a chance to experience another practice area, break out of your daily routine, and learn something new.

Today’s Traveler: Pack your bag!

As a traveling nurse in the operating room since 1997, I have gained more knowledge and experienced a variety of cases I would not...

Tools to improve your collaborative skills

No matter what your practice environment, you need to collaborate effectively with other nurses and other disciplines to excel in your career. Nurses are expected to participate in...

Travel nursing, anyone?

If you’ve been working as a nurse for more than a minute, chances are you’ve heard the term travel nurse or worked with one....
travel nurse rn benefits hire hospital agency

Travel nursing: Is it right for you?

A number of readers have written us with questions about travel nursing. For answers to these questions, we turned to an expert in the...

Understanding the role of the Clinical Nurse Leader

Learn how the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) role came into being, what educational preparation is required, and what CNLs do.

Update on home health care: How it’s changing

By understanding how home health care has changed, acute-care nurses can partner more effectively with home care nurses.

Voice mail etiquette

Don't get tripped up by voice-mail missteps. Find out how to use voice mail to enhance your professional image.
voicemail etiquette speak confidence brief

Voice mail etiquette

For any professional, voice mail (VM) is no longer optional; it’s necessary. How you use VM can work for or against you. The tips...

Waltzing through the behavioral job interview

More employers are using behavioral interviews to learn not just what applicants can do but who they really are and whether they’d enhance or detract from an existing team’s potential to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

WEB EXCLUSIVE! Cardiovascular nursing: Dynamic and in demand

February is Cardiovascular Professionals Month. To mark the occasion, American Nurse Today asked Joanna D. Sikkema, MSN, ANP, President of the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses...

What can Magnet do for you?

The Magnet Recognition Program identifies healthcare facilities committed to nursing excellence.
What does a Nurse Educator do

What does a Nursing Professional Development Specialist (Nurse Educator) do?

Let’s assume for a moment that you just graduated from nursing school. You have a brand new degree, a little clinical hospital training, lots...
When nurses precept students

When nurses precept students: Views from both sides of the equation

The author highlights differing viewpoints of the precepting experience.

Why go back for a baccalaureate degree?

Find out if a return to school makes sense for you.

Why more nurses should write for publication (but don’t)

No matter where nurses practice or how stressful their work lives are, many use words like “delighted” and “exhilarated” to describe how they feel...
commitment service graduate

Why must I make a service commitment?

During my senior year of nursing school, I tried to do everything right to prepare for my first nursing job. I thought I understood...
portfolio online professional job career search

Why you need an electronic professional portfolio

You can think of an electronic professional portfolio as being similar to an electronic health record. An electronic health record captures all the clinical...

Why you need your own malpractice insurance

Many myths surround professional liability insurance for nurses, also known as nursing malpractice insurance. Here are a few: Only physicians get sued for malpractice. ...

Write a clinical narrative that clinches your advancement

Is difficulty writing a clinical-situation narrative holding you back from seeking a promotion? This article can help.
nurse educator

Your path to becoming a nurse educator

Looking for new professional challenges? Consider teaching nursing. This country has a growing need for academic nurse educators—nurses who teach students enrolled in formal...
professional cv road map success ant

Your professional CV: A road map to success

How to use your CV to achieve your career goals Takeaways: A well-developed CV is a roadmap of where you are and where you want...

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Do Vitamins, Plants Help Uterine Fibroid Risk or Treatment?

A research team out of Poland recently undertook a comprehensive examination of published data to determine the role that vitamins and diet might play...