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Q&A with the Executive Director of AWHONN

In May, we celebrate Nurses’ Week, Women’s Health Week, and Mother’s Day. In the spirit of these celebrations, we asked Joseph C. Isaacs, CAE, Executive Director of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) to tell our readers about the association.

What is AWHONN?

For nearly 40 years, AWHONN has been the foremost nursing authority advancing health care for women and newborns through advocacy, research, and the creation of high-quality, evidence-based standards of care. A leader in professional development, AWHONN is the only association awarded the designation “Premier Provider” by the American Nurses Credentialing Center for innovation and excellence in continuing education.

Who are AWHONN’s members?

AWHONN has nearly 23,000 members worldwide. They are clinicians, educators, and executives who serve as patient-care advocates, focusing on the needs of women and infants.

How does AWHONN promote high-quality care and professional growth?

AWHONN encourages clinical excellence via its standards of practice manual, evidence-based guidelines, an annual convention, award-winning educational programs, online learning opportunities, and more than 50 essential tools and resources. AWHONN promotes leadership and opportunity through its 52 sections and 160 chapters in North America, various awards and recognitions, an annual leadership conference, an emerging leaders program, a nursing career center, and opportunities to get involved in AWHONN’s governance structure at the national, state, and local levels.

How does AWHONN communicate with members and advocate its positions?

AWHONN communicates with members via its website; a scientific journal, JOGNN; an applied research journal, Nursing for Women’s Health; electronic and print newsletters, Vitals and AWHONN News; and a consumer magazine, Health for Women. AWHONN promotes public policy favorable to nursing, women, and newborns with national and grassroots advocacy efforts at the federal and state levels, a dynamic expert speakers’ bureau, a portfolio of position statements, and an effective media outreach.

To learn more, visit www.awhonn.org.


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