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New online resource: Genetic/Genomic Competency Center

The Genetic/Genomic Competency Center (G2C2, http://www.g-2-c-2.org/) is a new free online resource created to help educators teach the next generation of nurses and physician assistants about genetics and genomics.

G2C2 (Genetic/Genomic Competency Center), an open-source, web-based repository for describing, organizing, hosting and disseminating competency-based curricular materials for genetics/genomics education, provides access to already available educational materials. G2C2 contains a four-column map of the relevant professional competencies necessary for effective nursing and physician assistant practice as described by the Genetics and Genomics Nursing: Competencies, Curricula Guidelines and Outcome Indicators, 2nd Edition and analogous competencies developed by representatives of the physician assistant educator community.

Nursing and physician assistant educators can download materials from G2C2 for use in their classrooms. They can also share their favorite genomic and genetic teaching resources with other educators by uploading material, which is regularly reviewed by the Center’s editorial board to ensure quality control.

G2C2 was sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute through a contract to the University of Virginia, and created with an advisory group made up of representatives from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the Academy of Physician Assistants, National Cancer Institute, National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics, National League for Nursing, National Society of Genetic Counselors, Physician Assistant Education Association and Sigma Theta Tau International.

The National Human Genome Research Institute’s Genomic Healthcare Branch will host a webinar this spring to provide educators with a tutorial on using the tool and answer questions about the resource.

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