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Energize your career with the forces of magnetism

Considering a change in your work environment? Why not explore the benefit a Magnet™ facility can offer?

The Magnet Recognition Program® was developed by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, a subsidiary and the credentialing arm of the American Nurses Association, to recognize healthcare organizations committed to nursing excellence. In fact, Magnet facilities have a culture of excellence not just in nursing but in all departments and at all organizational levels, as well.

These facilities provide nurses with opportunities for professional and personal growth that, in turn, leads to better patient care and greater job satisfaction. And, of course, greater job satisfaction leads to retention of experienced staff members and lower turnover rates.

Even during a nursing shortage, these organizations tend to offer:

• higher nurse-to-patient ratios

• greater nursing autonomy and control over nursing practice

• better communication and professional relationships

• strong administrative and organizational support for nursing

• a stronger focus on the patient.

Because of this environment, Magnet hospitals attract and retain better-educated, more competent nurses and achieve better patient outcomes—fewer complications, lower mortality rates, and higher patient satisfaction. The lower staff turnover rate promotes a stable environment where nurses know each other’s capabilities and have established relationships with other healthcare professionals. Clinical autonomy and control over nursing practice give nurses an increased sense of respect, and nurses know they are valued members of the healthcare team. See for yourself how the Forces of Magnetism can energize your career!


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