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Today’s Traveler: Pack your bag!

As a traveling nurse in the operating room since 1997, I have gained more knowledge and experienced a variety of cases I would not have experienced if I had stayed in a permanent position. It takes strength in experience and ability to be flexible to be a successful traveler. Hospitals want the traveler to have a maximum of one to two weeks of orientation, and then be able to perform independently. Time is money, and for travelers to be successful they have to have to learn and adapt quickly.

The traveler’s contract is usually for 13 weeks, but can vary. If the hospital needs travelers to stay and they are willing, the contract can be extended. Having several travel company’s paperwork completed is essential to having a variety of job options.

Doing research on the area and hospital you want to go is essential. Traveling is very rewarding and the experience one gains is amazing! So go pack a bag and hit the road!

Submitted by Catherine Kranske, RN,BSN, Chattanooga, Tenn.


  1. As an experienced E.R. nurse I too hit the road. Yes, it is an experience that can’t be compared. The most orientation I received was 2-3 days! You have to be ready to hit the floor running!


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