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Calculating and interpreting the odds ratio

Researchers use the odds ratio to analyze which of two groups of individuals is more likely to have an adverse outcome. Find out how to calculate the odds ratio and interpret its significance

Grasping the all-important concept of risk

To fulfill your responsibility toward evidence-based practice, you need to understand statistical techniques. In the first article in our new “Spotlight on Statistics” series, the authors demystify the concept of risk and describe how it helps you apply evidence to your practice.

Making sense of statistical power

If you want to interpret nursing research outcomes, you need to understand statistical power.

Our Readers Respond

Nursing academics vs. practicing nurses? My blood boiled when I read ANA President Patton’s column “Is diagnosis of pressure ulcers within an RN’s scope of practice?”(January...

Remedying role confusion: Differentiating RN and LPN roles

When the lines between RN's and LPN's practice roles got blurry, nurses initiated a comprehensive process to clearly define and demarcate these roles.

Brought to you by NDNQI: Data that do good

Thanks to the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators, hospitals and nurses are capturing and converting into data what nurses actually do and how their actions affect patient care.

The P value: What it really means

Using the P value to determine the best evidence.

Making sense of statistical power

Want to improve your ability to interpret research studies? Take a few minutes to read this overview of power analysis, probability, sample size, and related concepts.

Practice guidelines, standards, consensus statements, position papers: What they are, how they differ

Healthcare agencies and societies frequently issue practice guidelines, standards, and various statements and papers on clinical topics. This article explains how to evaluate these documents and describes the best uses for each type.
informatics nursing nurse info tech science computer nursing

How about a career in nursing informatics?

Do you have an aptitude for information technology (IT)? Would you like to help transform health care and bridge the gap between IT and...
The P value: What it really means

The P value: What it really means

Using the P value to determine the best evidence.

Easing the way for the electronic health record

Pressure is building to develop a national electronic health record - and the nursing profession is playing a pivotal role in developing the standards needed to support it.

How to appraise quantitative research articles

Increase your ability to critically appraise, synthesize, and communicate research findings.

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Cup of Coffee Can Lessen Gestational Diabetes Risk

Pregnant mothers concerned about being able to safely enjoy their morning cup of coffee should be reassured by a recent University of Pennsylvania study...