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What every nurse needs to know about the clinical aspects of child abuse

Child-abuse cases can be the mot difficult ones for nurses to cope with. But with the right knowledge and tools, you can care for abused children more effectively.

Issues up close

Family nurse practitioner (FNP) and nurse-midwife Karen Holder, FNP-BC, CNM, MHS, sees patients at a large primary care clinic in Flagstaff, Arizona, as well as at small satellite units in remote communities sprinkled around northern Arizona.

Caring for a homeless adult with a chronic disease

For homeless people, chronic illnesses can be hard to manage. Here’s what you should know about assessing these patients and developing a practical discharge plan.

America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

Make a difference join ANA's Health Care Reform Team

Coloring outside the lines

The Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing Initiative needs to create solutions that propel nursing and health care into the future.

Spotting alcohol and substance abuse

If you work in primary care, consider creating screening program for alcohol and substance abuse.

Take Note – June 2009

A monthly round-up of clinicial and practice new and alerts.

What’s causing this respiratory distress?

How to recognize and reverse transfuion-related acute lung injury.

Severe pain: What’s the diagnosis?

Read this puzzling case history, and see if you can decide on the correct diagnosis.