Career Watch: 2018 Annual Guide

Career Watch connects career-focused nurses with top employers and the latest educational opportunities. Developed by industry experts, content consists of  innovative ideas and practical guidance for career enhancement and advanced education strategies. This issues includes:

  • Hot career opportunities
  • Remote interview advice
  • Salary negotiation
  • Travel Nursing
  • And more!

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Table of Contents

Map your career!

Assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate your career goals. […read more]

The wave of the future

By Catherine Spader | Learn how to get your foot in the door of some of the most exciting new nursing roles. […read more]

6 tips to salary negotiations

By Keith Carlson | You’ve been offered your dream job, now comes the tricky part. Follow these six tips to get the salary you deserve. […read more]

Selecting and preparing professional references

By Ginny Moore and Yvonne Pierce | Carefully select and prepare your professional references to ensure strong recommendations.

How to ACE your remote video interview

By Mary E. Fortier | With preparation, good communication skills, and honest appraisal of your interview performance, you can ace the interview.

Facts and figures: Nursing salary and benefits

These highlights from our 2017 Nursing Trends and Salary Survey provide insights into the salaries and benefits earned by your nursing colleagues.

Preparing for a behavioral interview

By Deborah Lindell and Debra Hagler | Your answers to behavioral interview questions can underscore your skills and experience.

Creating and developing a professional CV

By Krista A. White and Cynthia L. Castaldi | You can start building your CV at any point in your career, but why not get started now?

Is advanced practice nursing for you?

By Janet Selway | Before you take your first step down this career path, make sure it’s the right fit.

The adventure of travel nursing

By David Morrison | Travel nursing can take you places you never thought you’d go.

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Find inspiration as you pursue the career you’ve always dreamed of.