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Transforming nursing shift reports into educational sessions

The author explains how his “5 minutes for education” idea originated.

Readers Theatre helps student nurses care for the mentally ill

This affective teaching strategy improves students’ understanding of mental illness on a deeper personal level.

Bridging the gap between academia and clinical practice

How to build foundations for translating research and evidence-based practice to the bedside

A partnership to enhance outcomes through quality dashboards and action

Learn how a multidepartmental task force improved a hospital’s data display and action-planning tools

Nurses are driving quality in all care settings

Improving the processes of care promotes better quality.

Improving the nursing work environment

Using NDNQI® data, leaders can promote changes that lead to sustained work-environment improvement.

From capstone project to published article

How to put your hard work into print

Preparing nurses for tomorrow’s healthcare system

Today's nursing curriculum uses such approaches as situated cognition, flipping the classroom, and concept-based learning.

Role of the staff nurse in undergraduate nursing education

Ideally, staff nurses act as resources, role models, and facilitators of nursing skills.

So you want to get a doctorate. . .

This article helps you make crucial decisions on your path to the ultimate educational degree.

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