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Choosing wisely: Resources for selecting sharps safety devices

An essential part of a sharps safety program is selecting appropriate devices, such as safety needles. While no one device, feature, or mechanism of...

Moving the Sharps Safety Agenda Forward: Consensus Statement and Call to Action

Note: This Consensus Statement and Call to Action was drafted by members of the steering committee* for the conference "Tenth Anniversary of the Needlestick...

The development of this Special Report has been funded by BD.

Please click the PDF icon above to download a PDF of this Supplement. The development of this special report was funded by BD. Content of...

List of Supporting Organizations for Moving the Sharps Safety Agenda Forward in the United States: Consensus Statement and Call to Action

Background: The International Healthcare Worker Safety Center (IHWSC) at the University of Virginia drafted and began circulating the consensus statement on sharps safety in...

To reduce sharps injuries, all of us must create a culture of safety in our workplaces

In the 12 years since passage of the federal Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (NSPA), much progress has been made to reduce the risk...

Reducing sharps injuries in non-hospital settings

No matter how small the facility or agency, all employers are required to take measures that reduce employees’ exposure risks.

Essential elements of a comprehensive sharps injury-prevention program

The steps outlined below can help facilities significantly reduce sharps injuries.

Practical strategies to prevent surgical sharps injuries

Many facilities still don’t follow sharps safety best practices and continue to underreport needlestick injuries.

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