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Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing was developed by clinical psychologists to uncover patients’ underlying beliefs, assumptions, and even fears, and help them find the motivation to make a positive change.8 It can help to:

  • Uncover patients’ beliefs about treatment9
  • Understand patients’ resistance or barriers to treatment9
  • Introduce treatment options and elicit feedback9

This technique consists of communication strategies that can help you put a patient in the driver’s seat – after all, the patient is the expert on their own life and experiences!10 Let’s dive into a few motivational interviewing approaches and see how they work.

Motivational Interviewing: APRONS

When you are engaging with patients, think about using these 6 quick, effective techniques to learn more about their goals and aspirations. Try it by remembering to use your APRONS:

  • Affirmation: Acknowledging what the patient or caregiver is doing well10
  • Permission: Getting the patient to agree before distributing information or an opinion10
  • Reflective listening: Rephrasing what the patient or caregiver said to clarify understanding10
  • Open-ended questions: Asking questions that elicit something more than a yes/no/maybe answer9
  • Normalizing: Communicating that having difficulties and challenges is not uncommon10
  • Summarizing: Putting together key parts of the conversation10

Motivational Interviewing in Action: How Do You Approach Conversations About Treatment Options With Adult Patients?

In this role-play, we’ll show how motivational interviewing can be used during your ongoing exchange with patients, highlighting the importance of phrasing and the structure of the conversation. When discussing any potential medication and treatment options, always remember to review the potential benefits and risks.

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For more motivational interviewing techniques, please visit Choices in Recovery’s Treatment Team Center.

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