Mindful Schizophrenia Care

Resources to Help Guide Adults Living With Schizophrenia Through Their Care Journey. Sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

4 – Support

Adult patients living with schizophrenia will require ongoing support to help manage and stay on track with their treatment plan. By helping patients develop a personalized, inclusive plan for managing their disease, they will have the best chance of leading a meaningful life.14
The below resources are intended to support ongoing discussions with patients about their personal goals, such as strengthening life skills, growing a support network, or developing an action plan to help manage potential treatment changes.

For additional information and resources, please visit the Choices in Recovery Mental Health Education Center.

Budgeting and Personal Finances

This worksheet may be helpful for patients as they think about budgeting and setting goals for managing their monthly finances. Having a financial plan can help to alleviate stress so that patients can focus on their health and well-being.22

Preparing for a Doctor Visit

Scheduling and preparing for a doctor appointment can be overwhelming, whether a patient has been recently diagnosed or has been living with schizophrenia for quite some time. This worksheet includes prompts for patients to help prepare them with questions to ask their doctor.

Making Decisions Together

This comprehensive workbook introduces the core elements of building a support network of people who can support a patient in their treatment journey and decisions. Work through this together with patients to help them understand how they can be an active partner in their treatment.

"Staying on Track" With Your Treatment Plan

Complete and review this worksheet with adult patients to support conversations about managing their existing treatment plan, and to help prepare them for potential changes based on their needs.

These resources have been provided as part of a sponsorship with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. For additional resources that you can share with patients and their loved ones, please visit www.ChoicesInRecovery.com