Mindful Communication: Leadership and Staff Perspectives

Mindful communication between leadership and staff…Sharing perspectives from both roles

Our words have power! As we all strive to optimize our workplaces on many levels – from keeping nurses and patients safe, optimizing patient outcomes, and creating a positive work environment to keeping our organizations profitable – effective communication between leadership and staff has become more important than ever. Staff engagement is key to providing optimal patient care as well as understanding who, what, and why leaders need to make changes that impact staff investment in their roles.


  1. Identify strategies to close the communication gaps between front line staff nurses and nurse executives
  2. Share exemplars of successful communication techniques from front line staff nurses and their nurse executives
  3. Describe the positive outcomes that result from mindful communication between front line staff nurses and nurse executives


  1. Strategies to promote meaningful dialogue between front line staff nurses and nurse executives
  2. Metrics of successful engagement and dialogue between front line staff nurses and nurse executives
  3. Problem-solving methods to overcome obstacles to mindful and meaningful communication between all levels of patient care service


All nurses – from C-suite to staff nurses – will benefit from this webinar. Our panel will explore communication strategies to help all nurses rise to the many challenges that they face TOGETHER.

This webinar and others can be watched at: https://www.myamericannurse.com/webinars

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