The Great Barrier Take-down: Unblocking Your Path to an Advanced Nursing Degree

Learn the history and details behind the critical surge in the need for Advanced Practice RNs (APRNs) and particularly Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs). We will explore all of the “why’s:”

  • The existing and projected needs gap
  • How APRNs and FNPs became documented as the most needed of the advanced nursing degrees
  • The fiscal potential and increased clinical and professional autonomy enjoyed by FNPs

This will be followed by an item-by-item examination of research exploring the challenges to nurses’ pursuit of these advanced degrees, their commonality within the nursing community, plus the potential of the degree’s attainment and reward in recognition, remuneration, and clinical respect.

Finally, our panel will examine the added societal value of filling gaps in primary care practitioner roles within underserved areas.

This webinar is the first in a two-part series that will address the growing need for advanced practice nurses in today’s healthcare environment and how nurses will play a critical role in the future as interprofessional practice continues to unfold.

This webinar was recorded on April 29th 2021. Thank you to our sponsor WGU.