Unpacking Nursing Informatics: How One Career Path Can Expand Your Circle of Care

The critical need for experienced nurses in the field of informatics—particularly in the growing age of AI and IT influence on medicine and patient care.

The complex field of Nursing Informatics is defined as taking “the clinical and the technical languages of health and translating them into one.” Nursing Informaticists hold the power to:

Utilize and expand nurses’ influence and impact from floor-specific to a wider community of care
Leverage technology and clinical expertise in order to maintain the focus on patient safety
Apply data to stem the nation’s opioid crisis
Expand outreach to underserved patient populations in the community
The panel will relate under-reported, real-world cases to highlight how attainment of an advanced degree in Nursing Informatics uniquely equips the mid-career nurse to join an area of the nursing profession that is revolutionizing the redesign of healthcare in the United States.

This webinar was recorded on May 27th 2021. Thank you to our sponsor WGU.