Moving Beyond Visual Management – How to Improve the Performance of Your Health System Through Automation

Clearly, staffing alone is only one component of a comprehensive strategy to improve pandemic-exacerbated healthcare working conditions and essential patient care. In fact, the management of inpatient capacity is the central challenge of today’s leaders and frontline teams.

The lack of the ability to consistently and efficiently plan across the healthcare organization for capacity surges, patient throughput, and staffing logistics, hobbles both leaders and frontline teams, resulting in capacity shortages, long lengths of stay, diminished workforce satisfaction and retention, substandard patient care, which all create fiscal shortfalls for the hospital system.

Join us for an interactive panel discussion which “ups the ante” on conventional capacity management and nurse staffing solutions which never fully equip leaders and frontline teams with actionable insight into what’s coming. We’ll take a fresh look at a CNOs’ post-COVID challenges and share field-proven technology and process solutions that equip leadership to proactively address patient surges, prioritize their discharge, and strategically allocate resources across teams