Workplace Violence in Healthcare Settings

Addressing and preventing healthcare workplace violence
Given the rise in healthcare workplace violence and its clear impact on an already worn-down workforce, health system leaders are more committed than ever to take action to increase caregiver safety. The challenge: it’s hard to know where to start and what to prioritize.

Join Chelsea Redman, MPH, Associate Director, Research and Advisory at The Health Management Academy (The Academy), and David Augsburger, MSN, MBA, RN, Director of Clinically Integrated Technology and Systems at Major Health Partners, in this solution-oriented webinar designed to help leaders identify ways to protect the well-being of their healthcare workforce. Ms. Redman will provide an overview of The Academy’s Workplace Violence Maturity Model, and the two will discuss how Major Health Partners engaged in a two-part strategy for caregiver safety that resulted in increased reporting and faster response to incidents.

In this webinar, learn how healthcare leaders can:

  • Align their teams on a definition of healthcare workplace violence
  • Understand the five domains of workplace violence maturity and gauge their organization’s level of maturity for each
  • Discover practical methods for preventing and responding to violence and influencing government policy
  • Decide on concrete steps to make sustainable progress on caregiver safety within their organization