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The Results Are In: What Nurses Are Saying About COVID-19, Bullying, and More

What’s on nurses’ minds? Hear manager and clinician perspectives from American Nurse Journal’s fourth annual Nursing Trends and Salary Survey. The results reveal much about what nurses are experiencing during this tumultuous year. From COVID-19, workplace violence, and disaster preparedness to job satisfaction, turnover, and workload, you’ll learn what nurses think about these important issues and more. 

When COVID and Influenza Collide – Essential Prep and Tech for Nurse Leaders this Flu Season

Late Fall is anticipated to involve a continuation of COVID-19 infections—perhaps even a second wave—coupled with, at a minimum, a standard influenza season.  Join us as this distinguished panel of infectious disease experts and nurse leaders explore the heightened infection implications of the first US COVID+influenza season on patient safety and the likely impact on healthcare systems.

Be sure that your organization benefits from their insights, best practices, and anticipatory guidance on identifying policy gaps, often overlooked prevention opportunities, and how new technology can be enlisted in the infection battle at patient point of care.

How a Sustainable Workforce Management Approach Helps Navigate Crisis

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is top of mind, there will always be a crisis that affects the nursing workforce, whether it’s a natural disaster, a strike, or something else. Health systems need to be ready to deliver high-quality patient care, contain costs, and protect and support their staff during times of crisis. How can nurse executives lead their health system to put in place a workforce management strategy that accounts for crises so that the response is organized and thoughtful? Nursing and finance leaders who have managed crises ranging from COVID-19 to devastating fires will share their experiences and provide valuable insights.

The COVID Effect: How New Cyberthreats Put Patients at Risk and How You Can Stop Them

This webinar will feature a panel of national nurse leaders and security experts on the critical need to have nurses begin to perceive cybersecurity as an essential extension of their commitment to patient safety.
Cybervigilance is the responsibility of each healthcare provider. In the age of COVID, with new vulnerabilities presented by pandemic-related phishing schemes, ransomware, and the increased prevalence of telehealth, fighting the fallacy that cybersecurity is “owned” by an IT team takes ongoing organizational awareness via training and cultural change.

Going the Distance: How technology will change your education

Nurses are the backbone and frontline of healthcare delivery in the U.S. This has been acutely underscored by the COVID pandemic. Among the pandemic’s many disruptions has been the closing of the physical campuses of virtually all of the nation’s nursing schools.

Many of these nursing schools have now migrated to distance learning for their students, necessitating a new way of thinking about nurse education delivery during a public health emergency.

For the frontline nurses feeling newly hindered in their educational pursuits, there are legacy online nursing education programs which have refined—and often defined—the tenets of success for best equipping their virtual students for scholastic and career success.

This expert panel will explore how today’s nurses can be enabled to continue to educationally progress in order to advance in a healthcare workforce which needs them now more than ever.

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