Industry Survey And Research Report: Healthcare Executives Provide Insights for Turning Workforce Data Into Balanced Outcomes

Expect and Get More from Your Workforce Management Strategy

Over the last decade, workforce management has gone from tactical to strategic to mission critical as health systems face new challenges. Today, a health system’s success hinges on having a sustainable, available and qualified workforce.

Yet, healthcare will lose one million RNs from the nursing workforce between now and 2030, causing the job market to become tighter and more competitive1.

There continues to be an increased emphasis on value, from both payers and the patient community. This shift is creating greater interest in both patient-centered staffing and equitable workloads in order to improve both patient and staff satisfaction.

With high quality, affordable care a top priority, health systems cannot afford
to have lagging analytics or a lack of actionable data. Without an accurate, enterprise- wide view of staffing needs, the organization will have staffing chaos as patient care needs flex up and down.

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