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2019 AMN Healthcare Survey of Registered Nurses


The AMN 2019 Survey of Registered Nurses reveals growing pressures on the millions of nurses who provide hands-on care and other services to Americans every day.

Highlights from the survey:

  • More than one in five RNs hold second jobs – including about 273,000 nurses with two full-time jobs
  • Nearly one in five RNs say working more than one job negatively impacts their quality of work – nearly two in five say it negatively affects their quality of life
  • 41% of RNs are victims of bullying, incivility or other forms of workplace violence – another 27% say they’ve witnessed workplace violence
  • 86% of Baby Boomer nurses plan to retire in the next five years
  • 81% of nurses are satisfied with career choice, and 75% are satisfied with quality of care they provide.
  • But, 66% worry their job is affecting their health, and 44% say they often feel like quitting

The survey also suggested solutions to the challenges nurses face, including improving flexibility and work-life balance; greater support for diversity in the healthcare workplace; enhancing professional development support; and greater emphasis on safety practices, team engagement, and effective leadership.

Please visit AMN Healthcare for full access to the surveyAlso, please explore American Nurse Today’s 2019 nursing and salary trends survey results.


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