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The American Nurse Journal Education and Career Guide brings you editorial content to expand your career horizons. Whether you’re interested in returning to school, contemplating teaching opportunities, or exploring a new career path, read on for tips and ideas to consider as you take your next steps. This career and professional development advice will inspire you in both your current role and in your future professional nursing positions.

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Reader reaction: Leaders’ role in stopping workplace violence

Dear Editor, After reading the article "Leaders' Role in Stopping Workplace Violence" in the September 2020 issue, I am in agreeance with the author for...
advanced skill

Transitional care nurse role

Collaboration improves outcomes. Mrs. C, an 81-year-old widow with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, and diabetes, is admitted to the hospital with...

Career SWOT analysis

Use this analysis tool to strategically plan your next career moves. Editor’s note: This article is an excerpt from Rhoda Redulla’s book Fast Facts for...

Money matters: How to fund your nursing education

Don’t miss out on the many available resources. That the cost of college is a common concern for nurses who want to advance their education...
PhD vs. DNP

PhD vs. DNP

Find fulfillment by making the right choice. Nurses have two options for pursuing a terminal degree—doctor of philosophy (PhD) and doctor of nursing practice (DNP). Choosing...
telehealth and nursing care

Telehealth and nursing care

Healthcare delivery changes during the pandemic may be permanent. Telehealth became a primary means of healthcare delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, and, as Joelle Fathi,...
travel nursing

Travel nurse essentials

Don't leave home unprepared. A recent rise in media coverage surrounding travel nursing related to the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with record-high compensation rates have many...
evidence-based MSU

Implementing evidence in nursing education

This article is sponsored content supplied to American Nurse Journal by Michigan State University College of Nursing, East Lansing, MI, and is not peer reviewed. We’ve all...

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