November 2007 Vol. 2 Num. 11

gift patient gratitude thanks acceptance

Beyond a box of chocolates

Often, patients and families express their gratitude for a special nurse’s outstanding care with spoken thanks or heartfelt commendations written…
quit leave job resign

How to leave a job gracefully

I was diligent. I completed my tasks on time. And I took on extra assignments and shifts. My boss was…

Make your voice heard

It’s time to vote again, and this year, I’m voting for Connie. She’s running for the Virginia House of Delegates,…

Poetic expression: Verse 2

In her second appearance on this page, nurse and poet Kristina Ibitayo presents three more poems.

depression effects health black white note

Take Note – November 2007

Medical illiteracy can kill A 6-year study of 3,260 patients ages 65 and older found that almost 40% of those…

What’s the latest on lipoproteins

A new lab technique called segmented gradient gel electrophoresis identifies subclasses of cholesterol and more precisely predicts your patient’s cardiac risk.