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Knowing when and how to leave your job

When you know it’s time to leave, keep it professional. Takeaways: Signs of workplace discontent include stress, negativity, cultural disconnect, work life imbalance, and lack...

Make an effective transition to a new job

Success depends on collaborating with your orientation team and speaking up when you need help. Before you started your new job, your employer gave you...
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Ready, set, get hired

Use the nursing process to find the job that’s right for you. Takeaways: Use the nursing process as a guide to your job search:...

Spotting a healthy work environment—and landing a job in it

Prepare yourself for a job in the work environment that matches your goals and values. Searching for a new job can be daunting. In addition...

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Do Vitamins, Plants Help Uterine Fibroid Risk or Treatment?

A research team out of Poland recently undertook a comprehensive examination of published data to determine the role that vitamins and diet might play...