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prone positioning in ards

Prone positioning in ARDS

Appropriate use of prone positioning can improve patient outcomes. Takeaways: In patients with moderate to severe ARDS, who are mechanically ventilated, early use of the...
optimizing abcdef bundle

Optimizing the ABCDEF bundle

Tips for overcoming challenges Takeaways: Post-intensive care syndrome has long-term negative consequences for patients and families. The ABCDEF bundle is an evidence-based strategy designed...
family presence resuscitation icu

Family presence during resuscitation in the intensive care unit

Strategies for implementing this policy change. Takeaways: An organizational model for change is key to successful implementation of family presence during resuscitation. Nurses acting...

Reducing the risk of central line-associated bloodstream infections

Although the incidence of central line–associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) has decreased, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that an estimated 30,100 of...

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Couple talking to NP

Getting Covid Vaccine Won’t Hurt Pregnancy Chances; Getting Covid Could

Couples planning a pregnancy might be relieved to know that getting a Covid vaccine does not hurt their odds of conceiving, according to the...