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eeveryone responsible culture safety ant

Everyone is responsible for a culture of safety

Whether you’re a direct-care nurse or a leader, you’re responsible for speaking up and taking action to keep patients safe. Takeaways: Direct care nurses are...
promote high reliability front line ant

Promoting high reliability on the front line

Create a safety culture by recognizing and reporting unsafe conditions, behaviors, and practices. Takeaways: High-reliability healthcare is consistently excellent and safe for long periods across...
safety first clinical nurses mitigate device safety hazards

3 ways clinical nurses can mitigate device safety hazards

When you participate in the usability process, you provide vital safety information. Key Takeaways - As part of the science of human factors, usability engineering studies...

Creating a nursing dream team

Teamwork is fundamental to successful nursing care. But many nursing teams struggle with poor communication, lack of confidence in fellow team members, lack of...

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