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Building Your Communication Skills Part 3

Author(s): American Nurse Today

Marjorie Lee North, a consultant for political candidates, physicians, and lawyers, presented these ten tips in her blog on the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education Professional Development website:

1.     Nervous is normal. Practice and prepare.

2.     Know your audience. Your speech is about them, not you.

3.     Organize your material in the most effective manner to attain your purpose.

4.     Watch for feedback and adapt to it.

5.     Let  your personality come through.

6.     Use humor, tell stories, and use effective language.

7.     Don’t read unless you have to. Work from an outline.

8.     Use your voice and hands effectively. Omit nervous gestures.

9.     Grab attention at the beginning and close with a dynamic end.

10.  Use audiovisual aids wisely.

You can read the full blog here.


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