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The rewards of extern-preceptor relationships

An extern program can benefit nursing students and preceptors.

Hospitals Explore Innovative Nurse Retention Strategies

Hospitals know that it’s less expensive to retain the nurses they have than to recruit, train and place new ones. This has led hospitals and other facilities to continue to look for new and creative ways to keep their nurses right where they are.

Nursing jobs in tough economic times

“The tassel is worth the hassle” reads the inscription on a card I recently purchased for a college graduate. Unfortunately, for the first time...

Headlines from the Hill

Be the change

Collaboration brings an innovative approach to nursing education

Working with local hospitals, a Texas consortium of nursing schools developed learning modules to improve new nurse graduates’ preparation for practice.

Easing your way back to school

Place a checkmark on the line next to each statement that applies to you: You’ve seen how quickly your nursing knowledge becomes outdated. You’d...

Expand your nursing career horizons

Read about new specialist and advanced practice roles and new areas about nursing responsibility.

BSN in ten

Nurse leaders nationwide promote measure to benefit patient care and RNs’ careers. To garner support for a measure that promotes initiatives requiring future nurses to...

Higher education bill creates new opportunities for nurses and schools

Higher education bill created new opportunities for nurses and schools; House joins Senate in supporting advanced practice registered nurses in home health.