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Special Report - Nursing Technology and IS

Technology, transformation, and the nursing workforce

Nursing informatics professionals are ready to lead the transformation to a technology-enabled healthcare environment.

Using technology to make evidence-based staffing assignments

Workforce-management software and operational integration help match the right nurse to the right patient at the right time.

How electronic health records are improving health care for elderly patients

Innovative information technology tools help ensure patients get the right care at the right time.

Progress report: Electronic health records and HIT in the United States

Electronic health records, HIT, and nursing informatics are transforming American health care.

Paperless in the United Kingdom: National Health Service goal for 2018

The National Health Service must embrace technology to meet the challenges it faces.

Preparing for electronic health records in the UK

The transition to a paperless health system is a chance for nurses to shape the technology.

A Case Study: Using Technology to Build a Culture of Safety

An emphasis on a culture of safety and appropriate use of technology help the organization deliver safer and more efficient health care.

Collaborating on technology: A learning exchange between U.S. and U.K. nurses

An immersion study found that shared governance helps healthcare organizations keep up with technology.

Enabling the ordinary: More time to care

The value of technology in automating and improving patient care

How nurses drive rapid electronic records implementation

Nurses in one large healthcare system are involved at all levels of EHR implementation

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